How to install and play Azur Lane (iPhone, Android and PC)

Azur Lane is a popular Chinese mobile game abroad that combines elements of classic shoot’em ups, RPGs and gacha game features that encourage you to collect items, weapons or characters. It is carried out by ships of World War II (!), Characterized as girls (!!).

Since it was not released in all countries, it is necessary to resort to alternative methods to play.

How to install Azur Lane on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

The simplest method is to have an Apple ID located in the United States. Apple does not block applications by region and does not check IP at the time of creating an account. You can even change the country of charge.  Once this is done, the App Store will now display the apps and games available at the North American store, and you can download Azur Lane.

How to install Azur Lane on Android or PC

With Android and PC (with BlueStacks ), things get a bit more complicated. By default, Google determines the region of your account at the time of creation, and does not allow you to change it, so apps from other regions are inaccessible.

Creating an American account also requires extra work, such as using VPNs to prevent your true location from being discovered. However, you can install Azur Lane in your normal account using an intermediary app called APKPure.

It works as an alternative store to install applications from different regions with the additional packages, which is not always possible with an .apk (which is much less secure). Because this method is external to the Google Play Store, there are no warranties. On the other hand, installing the game on PC with an Android emulator is a safer option. As a virtual machine does, it limits communication between software and Windows.

On android

  1. Enter the APKPure website;
  2. Download and open the .apk file;
  3. Android will ask for special permissions. Confirm;
  4. Look for “Azur Lane”;
  5. Tap the app and confirm the installation;
  6. Install the .apk file and the additional data packages;
  7. Google may ask to authorize APKPure to install applications. Confirm.

On PC (Windows)

In BlueStacks, you can map the directional and action launch buttons (artillery, air strike, and torpedo latch) to the keyboard and mouse.

  1. Click the keyboard icon;
  2. Click Settings;
  3. The game will display the HUD settings;
  4. Click Edit, and modify the keys;
  5. To add a new unmapped key, click Advanced Settings;
  6. Click Touch Point, and then click an action without related key;
  7. Click Save.

And ready.

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