WhatsApp sticker update: how to add them on photos and videos

First update of WhatsApp for 2019: new features introduced, including the addition of stickers to photos and videos and private response in groups.

WhatsApp is ready to welcome the 2019 with a new update, the first of the new year, which sees many new features arrive for the popular instant messaging app: among these, the ability to add stickers to photos and videos and the answer private on groups.

The stickers on WhatsApp have been one of the most appreciated by users and undoubtedly one of the most significant improvements of 2018. Introduced recently but immediately interesting, tricks (such as those to create them with their photos ), additional packages and theme and more.

WhatsApp continues to focus on the stickers, giving the possibility now to use them for photos and videos made through the app.

The new update of WhatsApp is available for iOS, then for iPhone, and corresponds to version 2.9.10: to find it, all you have to do is open the App Store and select the item updates, find the update of WhatsApp and wait for it to complete. For Android users the new features have been released in December through the beta version of the application.

WhatsApp: how to add stickers to photos and videos

How to add stickers to photos and videos? The procedure is simple and intuitive: open a conversation on WhatsApp and select the icon dedicated to the photos, corresponding to the symbol of the camera, at the bottom right.

From here, as you know, you can take pictures or record short videos, or select a file from the gallery to send. Once you have taken or chosen the image (or video), select the smile symbol at the top, usually reserved for adding emojis. Now, in addition to the funny faces, you can add one or more stickers among those in our collection.

Once chosen, the sticker can be moved and resized in the same way it already happened with emoji. To underline the presence of some new stickers, called “Sticker dynamic”, which bring some additions as the time (available in analog and digital format) and geolocation.

WhatsApp: how to respond in private on a group

Groups can often be chaotic, with several members intent on chatting and exchanging endless messages: WhatsApp has long thought of a new function to respond in private on a group, sending a message to a specific user.

To respond privately to a single user you must select the message of your interest, press and hold on it until the menu opens: be careful not to get confused with the normal answer key, which allows you to quote a message, the option for private answer is contained under “other” and then “answer in private”.

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