How to limit sending of group messages to WhatsApp

In this guide we will see how you can block members of a group from sending new messages by only authorizing administrators

If you are a group administrator (and if it is big) you must have lived through times when communication became a mess. In certain situations, only a few people have what to add to the conversation and the rest just makes everything more confusing. The ideal is to block “non-admins” from sending new messages and this is quite simple.

So, let’s go to the steps.

How to limit new messages to groups in WhatsApp

Accessing group settings in WhatsApp

  1. First, you need to be the group administrator;
  2. Touch the three-point menu at the top of the group chat;
  3. Touch “group data” and then “Group settings”;

In edit group admins

Here, you must select the people with the management power in the group. They will also have the right to post new messages after making the adjustment. Select profiles and tick with check (✓). You may need to use the search.

Editing group data

It is important that group data such as name, photo, and description are in the hands of trusted people. In the case, the admins, the same ones that can send messages. Therefore, switch from “all participants” to “admins only” in this item.

In sending messages

Here, magic happens.

Switch from “all participants” to “admins only”. This may sound a little authoritarian, mainly because WhatsApp triggers an alert in the group with the following message: You have changed the settings for this group to allow only administrators to be able to send messages to this group. That is very clear.

While limiting the posting of new messages to administrators, this does not give admins the power, for example, to delete messages already sent by other members.

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