How to get new games in PlayStation Classic

Discover the method to add new games to the PlayStation Classic console. How to install other games on PlayStation Classic via USB: simple and fast

Install other games on Playstation Classic

Just as we expected, just a few days after the arrival of the small Playstation Classic console, the method was found to install new games in addition to those already present. 

Basically, thanks to some specially written code and a USB stick, all users can easily install new games on Playstation Classic in order to make the gaming experience much more fun and complete.

So if you too are part of that group of users who think that the games on Playstation Classic are few or between the titles already installed on Playstation Classic missing your favorite, thanks to this new hack you can easily add new games and new titles to Playstation Classic. And you can do all this via a simple USB flash drive and in a few minutes.

Some information on the PlayStation Classic hack

But how was it possible to hack PlayStation Classic?

Without going into too much detail, I can tell you that apparently Sony did not do much to hide the tools needed to access the PlayStation Classic internal code.

According to Ars Technica, the pirates yifanlu and madmonkey1907 were able to download the code of PlayStation Classic through the serial port (UART), discovering that the most sensitive parts were signed and encrypted, but that the key to hack them was at the internal system.

It also seems that PlayStation Classic does not perform any kind of control on the bootrom code signature loaded at startup: a loophole that actually makes the mini console vulnerable because, without insurmountable difficulties and via USB, it becomes possible to load at the start of PlayStation Classic any type of payload.

Yifanlu and madmonkey1907 managed to load and run the iconic Crash Bandicoot on the mini console, while someone claims to have even played the Linux version of DOOM.

At this point some pirates of the network have published some open source projects that allow owners of PlayStation Classic – at their own risk – to load a formatted payload via USB stick that allows you to run new sets of games temporarily.

And finally another hacker of the console GitHub with the name of Pat Hartl has created an open source tool, BleemSync, which allows you to hack the console in a simple way. Thanks to this simple program any user can download, install and add any game to Playstation Classic quickly and easily.

Hack Playstation Classic

So, without wasting too much time, let’s see how easy it is to install and add new games to Playstation Classic.  

IMPORTANT: Perform everything at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. The console may break and may NOT be repaired under warranty

How to add and install new games on Playstation Classic

Let’s start with the guide, which is really simple:

  • go HERE and download BleemSync
  • download the ZIP file and extract it in the main folder of a USB stick formatted in FAT32 or ext4 after connecting it to the PC
  • rename the key in “SONY” (without the quotes)
  • in the root folder where you previously extracted the file, create a folder called “Games”
  • inside you will need to create a folder for each game you want to add to Playstation Classic. Each folder must be numbered sequentially and each folder must contain the following files: “GameData” folder with a “Game.ini” file inside, preview image of the game in 226x266px resolution, “pcsx.cfg” file, game files “Bin” and “cue” files. A template that explains how to create game folders more clearly is present in the ZIP folder you downloaded at the beginning of the guide

An appropriate folder structure is similar to this:


It is recommended, even if not necessary, that the names of the game files use the appropriate disk ID

The file pcsx.cfg can be copied without modification because it is the same configuration that is provided with the games in the system.

For each game, it Game.ini must be customized to be displayed correctly in the menu. The value Discs should be the file name .cue without the file extension. Sample:

Title=Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Multi-disc games

For multi-disk games, add both files bin and cue for each disk in the numbered folder of the game and create a configuration similar to:

Title=Command & Conquer - Red Alert
Publisher=Westwood Studios
  • at this point, go to the BleemSync folder and start the BleemSync.exe file. This generates a “System” folder that contains a database and a script that will allow you to start the games
  • Now unplug the stick from your PC and connect it to the Playstation Classic
  • turn on the console
  • new games should appear automatically
  • DO NOT remove the key while playing

Done. Enjoy the new games installed on Playstation Classic with this guide.


Where to download games for Playstation Classic?

You can find many new games to install and use on Playstation Classic on these sites:


In the end, in fact, Playstation Classic is limited to emulate the PS1 games and fortunately on the net there are many PS1 games in ISO format in an extremely easy way.

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