How to play offline on Steam (without relying on internet)

The Steam is a most popular gaming platform for computer there, but few know, that it is possible to play offline without internet access. By default, the client requires a connection to log in to their Valve account and free access, but a user can adjust it to ignore this step by entering directly into the interface.

This option is very good for those who play on laptops and travel a lot, and does not always have a decent connection within reach.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to play offline on Steam, regardless of which operating system you use, whether WindowsMacOS or Linux.

How to play offline on Steam

It’s very simple:

  1. Open Steam normally, being connected to the internet;
  2. Click on Steam, then Check for Steam Client updates or equivalent (the terms may vary between Windows, MacOS or Linux versions;
  3. Steam will check for any pending updates for the client. If so, install and restart the software;
  4. The client by default automatically updates any installed game, but to check with 100% certainty, run your games. Also check if there are no errors that require correction, or reinstallation;
  5. Once you’ve done the checks, click on Steam, then Settings or Preferences, depending on the version;
  6. In the Account option, make sure the box next to Do not save account credentials on this computer is unchecked, which is the default Steam setting. If it is selected, uncheck it and click OK;
  7. Click Steam, and then click Stay offline (in MacOS, click Account, and then click Stay offline);
  8. The client will ask if you are sure that you want to start Steam without access to the network. Click the Reset button in Offline Mode.

And that’s it. After restarting, Steam will run without internet access.

Limitations for offline play on Steam

For security reasons, many games that do not require a constant connection need to be started at least once with Steam online. If you have installed a game but have not run it before using it without the internet, those games will require network access and will not work unless you go online again.

Likewise, any game that requires constant connection to the internet, or that use external launchers (developed by the studios or by third parties) will not work in offline mode.

Finally, Steam usually stores certain information for Offline Mode to work, and to prevent them from being lost when turning off the computer, the user must close Steam manually before that. According to Valve, forcing the shutdown through the Windows shutdown tool, macOS or Linux can lead to data loss, and at the next startup Steam will require internet access for a mandatory upgrade.

Moreover, the user must accept the fact that he will not be able to use Steam offline at all times, since it is essential that he update the client and the games from time to time.

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