Here’re Best horses in Red Dead Redemption II and where to find

In Red Dead Redemption II, Rockstar, in addition to the many activities possible, you will have the constant task of looking after your horse as if it were a child. These animals, by the way, will spend more time with you than any other character in the game. Therefore, it is important to choose the best (faster and/or tougher) of them to accompany you.

It is possible to buy horses in the stables scattered around the map (the best cost small fortunes). However, hunting and taming the savages can bring pleasant surprises. Even the fastest of them can only be achieved. See which are the best horses and where to find them by map.

Understand horse categories in RDRII

You can make improvements on every horse you buy or tame in the game. Just take it into some stable and invest in better equipment such as improved saddles. The effects vary between boosts in stamina or even in animal health. Increasing your level of affinity with the animal also improves your abilities.

Knowing the characteristics of your mount is important to know which best horse to take for a mission or activity, for example. You can keep up to four animals at a time in the stables.

There are seven categories of horses in game: RidingDraftRaceWarWorkMulti-Class and Superior. Needless to say, the best horses are in the Upper category. These animals have incredible attributes, but they will cost fortunes or be very rare to find and difficult to tame.

Category – Details

  • Riding – Low general attributes. Are very common
  • Draft – Attributes a little better. They are easily seen pulling carts and/or carriages
  • Race – High speed and acceleration, but have low damage and stamina resistance
  • War – High resistance to damage and stamina, but have low speed and acceleration
  • Work – High stamina, moderate damage and speed resistance, low acceleration
  • Multi-Class – A random mix of two classes, but they are rare and cost expensive
  • Superior – Exceptional attributes, quite rare and expensive as life

Tip: You can inspect any animal in the game to add this knowledge to your manual. In the case of horses, inspecting them will reveal their current category and attributes.

What are the best wild horses and where to find them

The rarer horses in the game appear in specific locations on the map and taming them requires a lot of patience between lacing them until they calm them down enough to mount them.

1. White Arabian

Undoubtedly, the best race horse of the game and falls into the Superior category. It is good to prepare a reinforced coat to go hunting. It has a base price of $1200 and can be found in the most northwestern location of the map, in a snowy region. Take a closer look at Isabella Lake.

Attributes of this horse:

Health: 5
Stamina: 5
Speed: 6
Acceleration: 6
Handling: elite

Gold Tip: Manually save the game whenever you approach a region with a rare mount. If you can not tame the White Arabian first, for example, it can take a long time for it to appear again.

2. Mustang – Tiger Striped Bay

This horse is also an excellent mount. Belonging to the Multi-Class category, with mixed attributes between War and Work, the Mustang Tiger Striped Bay can be found in the Southeast location of the map. Keep your eyes open when you are near the Rio Bravo region, more precisely between Mercer Fort and Rio Del Lobo Rock.

Attributes of this horse:

Health: 5
Stamina: 5
Speed: 4
Acceleration: 3
Handling: standard

3. Splashed White American Paint

This is the most “basic” of the three rarest. The horse does not appear in any fixed region. You can find it, at random, in camps (almost always hostile) around the world. It’s a good mount, with well-distributed attributes. Again, it is possible to improve them in the stables and increase their level of affinity with the animal.

Attributes of this horse:

Health: 3
Stamina: 5
Speed: 3
Acceleration: 3
Handling: standard

What are the best horses to buy and where to find them

If you have enough money left over (which is an incredible feat in this game) and you want to get ahead of your life, you can buy some very good horses in the stables. Prepare to empty the pockets, however. The following, you can take a look at the price of some specimens and where to buy them.

Name – Category – Price (stable) – Handling – Where to buy

  • Missouri Fox Trotter (Amber Champagne) – Multi Class (Race / Work) – $950 – Standard – Scarlett Meadows Stable (Chapter 4)
  • Arabian (Rose Gray Bay) – Superior – $1250 – Elite – Blackwater Stable (Epilogue 1)
  • Arabian (Black) – Superior – $1050 – Elite – Saint Denis Stable (Chapter 4)
  • Missouri Fox Trotter (Silver) – Multi Class (Race/Work) – $950 – Standard – Blackwater Stable (Epilogue 1)
  • Turkoman (Dark Bay) – Multi Class (Race/War) – $925 – Standard – Blackwater Stable (Epilogue 1)
  • Turkoman (Silver) – Multi Class (Race/War) – $950 – Standard – Tumbleweed Stable (Epilogue 1)

Important: In the game, your horses may die permanently. So take good care of them by nurturing, cleaning and, especially, keeping them away from shootings whenever possible.

But since you never know when you’ll fall into a trap or be surrounded by members of the O’Driscoll gang (they seem to sprout from the ground sometimes), always take some “Horse Revive” jars to relive your faithful companion again. It would be frustrating to have so much work to tame a White Arabian and watch it die without being able to do anything.

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