Best 5 Games like Garena Free Fire for Android and iOS

It is impossible to deny that Battle Royale games have become a fever. In these titles, several players try to survive, at the same time, on a map with dozens of other people. Among the most famous of the style are PUBGFortnite and Garena Free Fire, but there are some other similar games.

Among the giants, Free Fire has been outstanding and already has more than 13 million downloads only in the Google Play Store. There are also other Battle Royale options for mobile phones, as shown in the list below.

1. Rules of Survival ( Android and iOS )

Rules of Survival has already been played by more than 230 million people, according to developers. In this deathmatch, up to 300 players can battle on a new map 8 × 8 km and with various types of terrain. Like every Battle Royale, the match ends when there is only 1 player alive. But be aware, in the latest update, the safe zones are getting smaller and smaller.

2. Battlelands Royale ( Android and iOS )

Battlelands Royale has a lighter, casual footprint by putting up to 35 players for quick 3 to 5 minute battles. Your smartphone’s data package thanks you especially if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection nearby. According to the developers, the game has no waiting room: just log, parachute, equip, kill everyone and try to survive.

3. Fortnite ( iOS )

Fortnite does not require many presentations. When it was released, PUBG was at its peak and almost unreachable. Behold, the game has turned (pardon the pun) and Fortnite is currently the most successful Battle Royale in the world and winner of several awards, such as the game of the year for The Golden Joystick Award 2018.

During the presentation of The 2018 Game Awards, Epic Games revealed the seventh season of the game, with a new map and an unprecedented builder mode.

4. PUBG Mobile ( Android and iOS )

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or only PUBG, reigned sovereign in 2017 until dethroned by Fortnite. Even so, it remains a great choice for Battle Royale. In the mobile version, 100 players pile up on an 8 × 8 km map and need to loot anything to use as a weapon (a frying pan being the most famous “weapon”).

According to developers, the game is more optimized than ever and with a more effective cheat detection system.

5. Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale ( Android and iOS )

Survival Heroes mixes MOBA and Battle Royale styles. The game is friendly for beginners and brings the map of controls very similar to that of a MOBA. All players start the game in the same village and need to get their first weapon to deal with monsters and, of course, other players.

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