Local SEO: It is the time to conquer the online world

We all know that search engines keep on modifying their algorithm. The reason being is to enhance the user experience by providing nearly accurate search results. As for the latest changes, they are focusing on location-based search. In simple terms, search using ‘near me’. 

Local SEO: It is the time to conquer the online world

As a matter of fact, this change has been proven to be very beneficial for the local businesses. Why? According to the statistics, ‘97% of the people learn about their nearby small business through Google.’, and ‘More than 50% Google searches results in a store visit.’ 

That’s why small businesses are doing their best to dominate the local SERPs. If your website shows up on the ‘near me’ search, it can turn into a potential sale. This isn’t it! It will also enhance the website traffic, brand visibility, credibility, and market reach.

But hang on!

Every day 5.6 billion searches happen on Google, and 46% of these searches are related to nearby businesses. In between all these results, where will you locate your business? What can you do to help your website rank above all? Yes, you guessed it right! You need to work on SEO strategies to conquer the online world.  

How? Well, we have collected a few measures that can help your business. Scroll down to learn what these are.  

Create a ‘Google my business’ account 

First of all, to be on the top spot, you need to create an account on ‘Google my business’. It is an easy way to appear on the top of results. Provide accurate, up-to-date information on the account, share the regular posts, link your website, and ask your customers to post reviews. 

It will all help you in amplifying your brand visibility and also in generating more website traffic. 

Improve website performance 

Talking about website traffic, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. The reason being is that most of the searches are conducted using mobile. The experts at  https://whitepeak.io/ suggest designing easy to navigate tabs to make your website more user friendly. Also, work on improving the loading speed of your site. 

Moreover, voice searches are on the rise. So you need to improvise the content on the website to make it optimized for voice search. Generally, people tend to ask questions when using voice search. Hence, improve the website content accordingly. 

Provide informative content 

Search engine crawlers identify the content published on the website. Thus the better content you’ll provide, the better chances you have to rank higher. Don’t just post content for the sake of it. Provide valuable and new information to enhance website traffic. To dominate the local search engine, use native references, mention the name of the location and use keywords accordingly. Don’t do keyword stuffing; use them wisely to improve the quality of your content. 

Wrapping up!

Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs were satisfied with the number of customers they had. Now, they want to turn their small business into a big brand. However, it is not possible if you ignore the importance of the local SEO. So, start by catering to the needs of the audience of your area and improve your content accordingly.

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