How to lock private photos on iPhone and show only one

It often happens that you want to show a picture to a friend of his, but at the same time the fear is that flipping through, even unintentionally, among the images, you can inadvertently show shots that you want to keep private.

How to lock private photos on iPhone and show only one
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In the same way you may have to pass an electronic ticket, a QR code for access to a flight or a fixed image to a relative, a child or an elderly person who is not accustomed to smartphones and to avoid changing the image or leaving the application for mistake.

To prevent this from happening you can lock photos on the iPhone, so that the friend, relative or acquaintance to whom you pass your smartphone, can absolutely not perform any function, except look at the picture on the screen. Here’s how.

First you need to enable guided access. This option can be reached via the Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Guided Access icon. After activating the relevant function, a 4-digit PIN code must be set. This operation will only have to be repeated once.

From this moment on it is possible to decide to block certain actions within any application. In our case, the photos. And so, just go to the picture, open a certain image you want to show to friends and relatives and click the Home button three times. The guided access window will open. By clicking on options in the lower left you can choose to delete the Touch.

Once the modification menu is closed, you can click on the start button at the top right. At this point, after having correctly entered the PIN code previously set, the screen will be completely blocked on that single photo.

Thus, the person to whom you pass your smarthpone cannot, even inadvertently, browse through other photos or interact with the smartphone. To deactivate the guided access function, simply click the home button three more times in succession, then press the terminate button and finally enter the usual PIN code.

This procedure works on any application installed inside the device, thanks to which it will be possible to inhibit any unwanted interaction.

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