How to use iPhone power-off button to manage calls

Some simple tips to use the iPhone power-off button, to reject, hang up or mute a call, without touching the device display.

The multi-purpose iPhone power-off button: use it to manage calls

How to use the iPhone on/off button to reject, hang up or mute an incoming call?

The functions of the iPhone are so many, and some so complex, that sometimes they lose sight of rather simple but effective uses. Here’s how to take advantage of the iPhone power off button during an incoming call.

During an incoming call you can mute the ringtone by pressing the iPhone power button on the top frame a single time. This use can be of fundamental importance on occasions when you realize, too late, that you have not turned off the phone or reduced the ringtone to a minimum.

Thus, by clicking on the switch-on button it is possible to run for cover in the event that a call arrives at the least opportune moment. By clicking on the power button twice in quick succession, you can completely reject the call.

Another function of the iPhone power-off button, however, is to hang up the call, after finishing the conversation. And in fact, just one click on the power button to end the call.

If this little trick could, at first glance, seem useless, this is not the case. In fact, through this simple shortcut it is possible to end a call even in the case of a broken or malfunctioning touchscreen. Again, it is possible to terminate a call even with gloves, which would certainly not allow you to click the icons on the screen. One could thus think of starting a conversation with the help of Siri and ending it with the power button. All without clicking on the display.

These functions are useful in many cases: from when we have no access to the iPhone screen (perhaps because it is closed by a case) to when we do not want or cannot touch the screen (which happens when you have, for example, wet hands or dirty or with gloves that do not support touch).

In some cases it also happens that the display is damaged and unaffected by touch; waiting to have it repaired, we will still be able to refuse the call or silence the phone.

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