How to make Android apps for sites and blogs (free and easily)

Creating an Android app from nothing is easy enough, but a lot depends on what you intend to do; of course the best results will be with native apps made specifically with the programming languages, but if we are not able or have no time to waste we can make a simple app using one of the many Web services and programs to create free apps.
An important aspect is that you can create an application for Android phones in a simple way, without having to be programmers and thus exploiting only the imagination and inspiration, so you can bring your site or blog also through an app for Android.

NOTE: Whatever service you choose to create the new app, you need to know that in order to publish it on the Google Play Store of Android you will need to register with a developer profile and pay a single fee of 25 dollars, over to overcome a quality and safety check before final publication.

1) MIT App Inventor

Anyone wishing to make real and original applications can use the MIT App Inventor program, an official tool that was before Google but has now moved to MIT.
So we will have a visual programming tool where the application is built by moving the elements in a graphical interface.
MIT Apps Inventor, however, requires the study of an instruction manual and, even if not immediate, is within everyone’s reach (those with good will).

2) AppYet

If your website does not have a mobile version or we want to create the Android application of your blog or website, you can use a free online service that performs this conversion and generates the application to download and install on smartphones.
AppYet is a web service that allows you to create, in just a few clicks, an application rich enough in functionality that can be used to integrate RSS feeds of any website.
All you need to do is specify the link to the RSS feed for one or more sites (separate addresses with a semicolon) of your choice and enter a name for the application.
You can change the package name and the application icon.
AppYet adds all the remaining information, generates the new application and sends it, as a .apk file, via email, to its creator who can install it or share it (to install an application on the Android phone, enable in Settings -> Applications the entry Unknown sources ).
AppYet is free but still requires registration; if you use the same account registered with your Android smartphone, you can download the application directly on your mobile phone otherwise from the applications page.
To publish the application on the Google Play store simply download the package with the APK file and then upload it to the developer profile, without paying anything.
You can also add advertisements to the app.

The result is really excellent, the application seems one of those to read newspapers online or to aggregate news.
AppYet RSS reader has an elegant yet simple interface and news from aggregated sites is updated in real time.
Notifications can be customized and managed as desired, the cache can be moved to the SD card and a limit can be set for item updates and image downloading.
The application also allows offline reading by downloading images and articles on the phone.

3) AppsBuilder

Another site that provides a free service to create applications for Android and iPhone transforming websites is AppsBuilder.
Apps Builder is free and provides a very simple and intuitive application creation interface for the less experienced.
You can convert any site or blog in an application for Android and iPhone to use for themselves or even to publish on the relevant App Store.

4) Google App Maker

If we want to use an official tool made available by Google in order to create an app using simplified elements and without knowing programming languages we can rely on Google App Maker.
Once logged in with your Google account you will be provided with all the tools to create the app for your business or for your blog or site, so you can share it on the Play Store and synchronize every change made with the cloud made available for each developer.

5) AppMakr

Another Web service that we can use to create Android applications for sites and blogs in a completely free is AppMakr.
With this service we can create our free app in Webapp version, that is using the HTML5 code (which is not necessary to know) in order to bring any website or blog in mobile version, compatible with any platform (therefore also on iOS).
The Webapp version is free, while if we want the native app that runs on Android we will have to pay a subscription to be able to realize and publish.

6) GoodBarber

Finally we point out another great Web service to create apps for your site and blog even if we do not know anything about programming: GoodBarber.
By exploiting this site we can create two different types of apps: the native app (which works like any other) or the Webapp (the app that uses the Web code to display the content).
Depending on the type of site in our possession we can choose which app to create from nothing even if we do not know the programming languages thanks to a very simple interface and with many objects to add to make the app work that we are going to achieve.
The service is free for 30 days when we can create our app and see it work on our devices; if we want to publish it on the Play Store and improve its appearance we will have to pay the subscription to the service.

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