Telegram has become one of the alternatives to WhatsApp and other messaging services. Its commitment to safety, its organization in the form of channels or funny emoji convince from the first day of use. Although it is one of the most reliable applications, it is possible that it shows errors and is temporarily unavailable. Do not worry, below are the possible solutions to make Telegram work again.

If your Telegram application does not work, it can be for two reasons. It could be possible because of a bad configuration of your smartphone or a temporary failure of the same, or because the system has fallen. We’ll explain how to check and what to do in these cases.

Telegram does not work, what should I do?

Is the problem yours? Make sure your mobile/WiFi data is connected

Yes, it sounds silly, but first of all, make sure your internet connection works normally. On many occasions, some public Wi-Fi networks automatically connect to our terminal but do not actually work. It’s also possible that we temporarily do not have access to our mobile data, due to lack of coverage … or perhaps because you’ve run out of your plan!

Check that the notifications are properly activated

Go to Settings> Notifications and Sound and make sure you have all the notifications enabled. Otherwise, you may receive messages but not be informed.

Make sure you do not have any contact/group in silence

If you access the application, from the start menu you will see if any of your contacts or groups have been silenced. This way you can continue to receive messages without problems, access the conversation and access the menu at the top right. If the conversation is silent, the option Do not turn off the sound will be displayed. Activate to be able to continue receiving notifications from that conversation.

Restart your smartphone

Do you have a problem with your device? Then start it again! This trick, used since the beginning of time, has served millions of people in many different cases. It is possible that you can receive and send messages again by switching the terminal off and on again. Simple but effective!

Telegram is off

If you have problems accessing Telegram, it may have been deleted. This means that the problem is not just yours, but it affects thousands of users locally or even worldwide. We’ll explain how to know if, in fact, Telegram is out of service.

Check the official Telegram channels

If the problem is widespread and is due to a malfunction of the application, it is possible that the same company communicate the status of the problem via Twitter. Enter your profile and check the new features.


This useful website is a quick way to check if the problem is yours or is widespread. You just have to look for the service that is not working (in this case, Telegram) and check (the electrocardiogram type line) if the application is not working. If this line is very irregular, it means that many errors have been detected and it is not just a problem with your smartphone.

What to do if it still does not work

At this point, if we were not able to solve the error or it is just a malfunction of Telegram, we can only wait. Have you been able to solve your problem? Do you know any other solution? Leave us a comment in the box below.


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