How to make backup of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Making a backup of all the data on the device is a fundamental operation. Maybe we have to transfer all the data to another device or maybe we risk losing something or everything in a moment. It is therefore advisable to make periodic recovery copies, so as to always have the possibility to recover all the lost data. If you don’t know how to backup your Apple devices, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide we will show you how to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to always have a copy of all your data on the device.

iOS backup: procedure

There are two different ways to make a copy of the data: through iCloud and through iTunes.

Through iCloud

First we need to make sure we are connected to a WiFi network. Next we go to Settings > [username] and select the iCloud item. If the device has iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings and select iCloud at the bottom.

We select the iCloud Backup option and ensure it is activated. Click on Back up now and wait for the procedure to finish.

To make sure that the copy has been made successfully, go to Settings[username]iCloudStorage space on iCloud > Manage space. The data copy should be displayed in detail with the size and time.

Through iTunes

First we open iTunes from the PC and connect the device. When it is recognized by iTunes, we select the device. At this point we can click on Backup Now. Once the procedure is complete, we can verify that everything went well by going to EditPreferences > Devices. If everything is successful, we will have to display the name of the device with the date and time of the copy.


Making a complete copy of all data is essential as we will have all our data ready for any eventuality. It will help us in case of replacement, loss or damage to the device. What we advise you is to carry out periodic backup backups to always have the updated data.


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