Mario Kart Tour: Know how to do the Ultra Mini Turbo Boosts in racing

Doing the Ultra Mini Turbo Boosts on Mario Kart Tour is a simple task. Released in September 2019 for Android and iPhone (iOS), the game is one of Nintendo’s biggest hits and has been downloaded over 120 million times in the latest data released in October – Apple even named the game as the highest number of downloads in the year. To perform well in the game, it is important to know how to execute all the commands and have control over your kart. Here’s how to run Ultra Mini-Turbo while racing on the Mario Kart Tour.

Learn how to do well with the Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts on Mario Kart Tour
Learn how to do well with the Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts on Mario Kart Tour – Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

How to do the Ultra Mini Turbo on Mario Kart Tour

Step 1. First, it is noteworthy that the kart can be controlled in two ways. The first of these is sliding your finger to control your vehicle. In addition, it is also possible to control the character by movement. For this, just access the menu;

Step 2. After clicking “Menu”, go to “Settings” option located at the bottom of the screen;

Step 3. It is now possible to choose the best option for driving your vehicle between the manual method, sliding your fingers on the screen, and by motion control by tilting your mobile phone. To perform the turbo, it is noteworthy that it is necessary to use the fingers in any way;

Step 4. During the race, you need to slide your finger over the screen and keep pressing when your kart is in a turn. If the track goes to the right, slide to the same side, following the same thing in the opposite direction. This way, the first stage of the turbo will be activated, as in the photo;

Step 5. The next turbo is yellow in color. To access it you must continue pressing the screen after the blue color is reached. Remember that a steep turn will help a lot to be able to use the technique. One tip is to analyze the track and make the move at the right time;

Step 6. To access the Ultra Mini-Turbo, keep pressing the screen even though the sparks have already reached the yellow color. When the color changes to purple, release your finger from the screen. The kart will reach higher speeds, making it possible to overtake opponents much more easily;

Mario Kart Mini Turbo
The purple color signals that you have run the Ultra Mini Turbo

Ready! Take the hint to improve your skills in the game. It is important to keep in mind that movement can only be done on curves. Therefore, it is important to know the track to know the best time to start the drift. Over time it will be possible to master the technique completely and win races more often.

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