How to mass unfollow on Instagram quickly

Massive Unfollow on Instagram: here’s the easiest and fastest way. How to unfollow on Instagram quickly: here is the app to delete follow-ups on Instagram

App to delete follow-ups on Instagram quickly

New day, new guide dedicated to social networks and in particular to Instagram, the photographic social network par excellence.

Today in particular we will see how to stop following all on Instagram  in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Thanks to our guidelines you can make a “mass unfollow” and stop following all on Instagram in one click. You do not have to waste time to delete the people you follow one by one: you can remove and delete them all automatically, in one click.

Whatever the reason that drives you to delete all the follow ups on Instagram, it does not concern me.

I’ll explain just how to achieve your goal in the easiest and fastest way possible, since today Instagram (the official app) does not allow you to stop following all users in one click and forces you to proceed by hand, through a long operation, pallid and infinite.

Enough of the chatter, let’s move on to the action: let’s see how to delete all the follow-ups on Instagram simultaneously, in one click.

Does it scare you? Quiet: I assure you that the operation will be within your reach, even if you think you are not very good with Instagram. All you need to do is written in the following paragraphs, explained in a clear and exhaustive manner.


If you decide to stop following too many users at the same time in one hour of activity, your Instagram account may be temporarily suspended and the number of people you can accept to follow or stop following within an hour may be lowered dramatically.

That said, let’s proceed.

How to stop following everyone on Instagram quickly

If you’ve decided to stop following all on Instagram, you’re ready for a mass unfollow and you do not want to do everything by hand,  I strongly recommend using the program Mass Unfollow for Instagram for iOS or Unfollow for Instagram for Android.

If these programs are not enough for you, I’ll add a good alternative for iOS: Cleaner for IG. For Android it is not necessary since that program that I have recommended you is the best.

As you can see, these are two very similar app for appearance and operation, but I recommend two different because the same app is not available for Android and iOS. In practice, only the name changes, the features offered do not change.

To use these programs and stop following all on Instagram quickly you will simply have to:

  • download the program for Android or iPhone
  • start it
  • login with Instagram
  • select a block of users at a time on Instagram and stop following them

NOTE: no program allows you to stop all users on Instagram in one click because it is an Instagram limit. You will never find any app that will allow you to make mass unfollow of all users in one click simply because Instagram does not allow anyone.

In general you can find apps that allow you to stop following 10-50 people at a time, which is already a great help compared to the manual deletion of every user you follow on Instagram.

Using one of these applications, it will be easy to lighten up your list of users.

Delete the profiles followed one at a time

I have not told you before, but if you want you can always proceed “by hand” to delete all users and profiles that you follow on Instagram. This operation is certainly working, but long, uncomfortable, pallid and complex.

If you want to stop following someone on Instagram without using third-party apps, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device
  2. Go to the Profile section.
  3. Select the follow item
  4. Once this is done, scroll through the list of all the profiles you follow and delete the ones you want to unfollow. To stop following a profile, select the Follow already entry and select the option Do not follow anymore

Obviously you will have to repeat these steps until you have finished quitting to follow all the profiles in question.

Long, uncomfortable and slow, but it certainly works.

Delete all follow-ups on Instagram from the Web

If you do not like the guide for mass unfollowing from a smartphone for any reason, or if you prefer to act on a PC, Mac, computer or internet browser, know that you can stop following all users on Instagram even by accessing the web version of the service.

To do it:

  • connected to your Instagram account via the appropriate login page
  • click on the icon of the little man who is in the upper right part of the new page that is shown to you
  • click on the written profiles followed (located at the top of the section dedicated to your profile)
  • click on the button following (which is next to each user name) and stop following the Instagram accounts that have tired you

To confirm the short execution of the above steps, in place of the Follow already present button next to the name of all the aides, you will see the Follow button appear.
Repeat the operation for all the profiles you want to follow on Instagram. 

If I stop following on Instagram what happens? Does the notification arrive?

Remember that by using these programs you can stop following anyone on Instagram with confidence.

The people you follow will not receive any notification of your action.

Mass unfollow on Instagram – Conclusions

We have concluded with this long Instagram guide.

I hope I helped you solve the problem. In case of doubts or further questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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