Metro Exodus: How to upgrading and clean weapons

Guide to Metro Exodus dedicated to the upgrade and cleaning of weapons, a necessary element for the progression and the study of different strategies in the game.

Being both necessary and important elements within the game, it will be important to spend some time during the gameplay sessions, as without frequent cleaning and updating, not only it will be impossible to proceed with the game bringing with you your favorite weapons, but you will also risk losing yourself a very important and customizable game component, which could greatly enrich your gaming experience.

Update and customization:

When it comes to weapons in Metro Exodus, the key aspect of the matter is one in particular: almost every weapon in the game can be updated. Each weapon has a set of parts (action, aim, loader, etc.) that can be exchanged with others to make changes or improvements, thus rendering them completely different from the original ones. For example, some guns such as A-shot can be much improved by changing some components, such as the load, or the strengths and weaknesses can be improved if you want to use a specific weapon but that in the standard form is not suited to the game situation.

The first important thing to do in upgrading weapons is the collection of accessories and parts of weapons that are needed to perform such upgrades. Not every component or accessory is compatible with all the weapons available in Metro Exodus, for this reason it is important not to leave out anything that might be useful later in the adventure. Some of these components can be found in the game world during the exploration phases, but most can be recovered directly from the enemies. In the moment in which one strikes one, in fact, it will be necessary to look into the surrounding area in order to collect such tools, together with any weapons that can be stolen from the corpses.

Selecting the weapon with the player controls will be highlighted in orange some parts of the weapon, visible through the user interface: these orange parts represent the parts on that particular weapon that still not in possession of the player. For example, if it is a new gun, then it will be entirely colored orange. In this case, it will not be necessary to recover the complete weapon, because the player will be given two instructions to decide whether to exchange it with one of those already equipped or simply remove the upgrade parts to be able to use them later. We therefore recommend that you always recover these components as there is no advantage to leaving them behind.

Finally, in order to apply these upgrades to your weapons, you will simply need to open your inventory at any time during the game; all this is an advantage not a little, as you can easily replace the parts according to the situations and environments in which you will struggle to struggle soon, and then return easily to the original configuration. The same operation, however, can also be done on any workbench, including the one on the back of the Aurora, which in this case will allow you to make upgrades and improvements much more important, such as adjusting the entire loadout.

Cleaning and maintenance:

The world of Metro Exodus is a grim and dirty place, and even weapons are not safe from this post-apocalyptic contamination. Every single weapon in the game has a certain level of cleanliness, and once it starts to get dirty, its reliability will be lowered more and more. In fact, dirty weapons are more likely to get stuck or require more frequent recharging, and they also suffer a reduction in damage and take more time to take down enemies. The only way, therefore, to avoid this type of malfunction, which during a particularly difficult mission would risk killing you, it is necessary to clean all your weapons with a certain frequency.

To clean the weapons, in Metro Exodus you can only resort to work benches. This basically means that it is not possible in any way to do so during the missions as with the updates, so if you ever get back inside a tunnel or in an environment where you can not reach a workbench, you will need to give up to the jammed weapon and equip another, perhaps stealing it from an enemy. For this reason, it is always better to clean your arms regularly when you are near a work table, especially in the Aurora area, where the player can find the cleaning menu for all the weapons in his inventory. It is a process that obviously costs some resources, but that is necessary for the prolonged use of the same weapons.

We hope that our guide on updating and cleaning weapons is useful has been useful for you.

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