Metro Exodus weapons Guide: How to use them strategically

Guide to the discovery of the different types of weapons in Metro Exodus, to understand the types, uses and how to use them strategically during in-game campaigns.

For this reason, in the game, the choice is always given for the stealth option, thus allowing the player to preserve ammunition and health packs, but at the same time in some situations the armed conflict can not be avoided.

To this end you will find a whole series of balanced guns within the world of Metro Exodus, which will help you to think about different game strategies. Besides this, it will be further necessary to have to worry about the upgrades and customizations of these weapons, because, even if just changing some parts, you can go to completely modify a weapon to better adapt it to your style of play.

With this guide we want to show you all the different weapons in Metro Exodus, to help you select the ones that best suit the different situations during the game sessions or that could be more useful.

Revolver (pistol):

The Metro Exodus revolver does not differ much from standard revolvers in this type of games. It is able to inflict damage quite significantly, but with a huge recoil and an important limit with regard to the speed of execution. It is therefore a type of weapon recommended for players who are able to be precise in scoring hits and who want to aim to shoot down enemies as quickly as possible.

A-shot (shotgun/rifle):

The peculiarity of this weapon is that it is presented in the game like a gun, even if it is in fact a low-powered rifle. The A-shot in fact, has all the properties of a rifle, but able to function as a gun if subjected to the right improvements. It is the most effective weapon in close range, as it is quite fast; however, its accuracy is not the best, not even if upgraded through modifications. This type of weapon in particular can be very useful in the early stages of the game, but later it is very easy to be replaced, such as by the revolver.

Shambler (shotgun):

Nothing is as it might seem in the post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus, and this rule also applies to the shambler, as it is very accurate and able to operate much faster than the ‘A-shot, but not able to inflict the same amount of damage. For this reason, the shambler is a weapon that initially may not be very useful, but that becomes very powerful when you start adding different power ups.

Little Bastard ( machine gun):

The Little bastard is the SMG go-to of Metro Exodus, and for this reason its strong point is an impressive high rate of fire. This can be both a strength and a risk in the game, as it can be extremely useful during the fight but at the same time, having more moving parts, causes more gun jams. The fire is in fact the strong point of the Little Bastard, which thus compensates for its low level of damage. It is certainly not a simple weapon or one of the best in the game, but it could be very useful for certain types of players.

Kalash (rifle):

The Kalash is one of the first weapons available in Metro Exodus: as the name suggests, it is a post-apocalyptic weapon directly inspired by the AK-47 Kalashnikov, one of the most famous rifles ever. Exactly like its counterpart in reality, it has a solid speed in setting fire and it is easy to define a handyman weapon, with its strengths and its faults. Because since its first use it presents itself as a versatile and useful weapon in different situations, defects because it does not really excuse in any field, and often must be replaced by heavier weapons, such as the bulldog.

Bulldog (rifle):

The bulldog is a rifle available only later in Metro Exodus, but that is considered one of the best weapons since it is able to shoot three shots bursts with greater autonomy and precision. However, with this weapon, even if with a lower burst speed it should not give problems, it is often possible to find it with ammunition. However, the bulldog remains less reliable than the Kalash because it requires cleaning and repairs much more frequently, even if it is still a much better weapon.

Tikhare (air rifle):

The Tikhar is one of the weapons that is presented to the player as part of the progression of the main story in Metro Exodus, and is nothing more than a hand-built air rifle. This is almost a very powerful BB gun with a low level of damage but incredibly precise and silent, making it the best weapon for stealth. The only flaw, however, concerns the bullets that, being difficult to find during game sessions, often need to be crafted.

Valve (sniper rifle):

Basically, the Valve is the only option available in the game to be able to operate in large-scale combat, succeeding very well in its mission. It has a huge backlash and a slow fire speed, while still remaining a weapon that can take down enemies simply through a well-aimed blow. Very useful in certain situations, but there are better options to occupy the few available slots for weapons.

Helsing (crossbow):

Subsequently, the player could be in front of another very silent and deadly weapon, or helsing. As the name suggests, it is a crossbow: it is one of the favorite weapons for stealth game sessions, as well as not presenting any problems with regard to ammunition because the bullets can be recovered from the corpses of the enemies, from the possibility of using explosive type ammunition.

So we conclude this descriptive guide to all the weapons in Metro Exodus, and in the hope that it will be useful to study a more effective approach to game strategies, we also refer you to our guide on upgrading and maintenance of weapons, which is essential to be able to enjoy 100% of the known FPS of Deep Silver.

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