Microsoft Edge: 5 tips for using the browser on PC or Mac

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The Microsoft Edge received a complete redesign and now the official browser of Windows 10 is more modern, with access to resources available in competitors like Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi. Check out 5 tips for using Microsoft Edge.

How to install Microsoft Edge on Windows 7

5 tips for using Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge, which is now based on Chromium, is available for Windows and macOS ( ), but also for iPhone ( ) and Android ( ). The Microsoft browser combines the ease of use of Google Chrome, with more stability and less memory consumption on the computer.

Check out the following 5 tips for using the browser in the best way:

1. Synchronize your data

Since you are likely to use Edge on your computer and mobile phone, it is important to keep your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and settings in sync between devices. To do this, click on “More” (the three dots), “Settings”, “Profiles”, “Synchronize”, and turn the connection on and off as you see fit.

2. Transfer your data from Chrome to Edge

While using Chromium as the engine, Microsoft Edge is not compatible with the Google account, using the Microsoft account instead. Therefore, to import your data from one browser to another, you will need to do the following:

  1. Close Google Chrome;
  2. On the Edge, click on “More” (the three dots);
  3. Then, under “Settings”, “Profiles”, “Import browser data” ‘;
  4. In “Import from”, select the browser you use;
  5. In “Profile”, select the user profile;
  6. Check the boxes for all the data you want to import;
  7. Click on “Import”.

And ready.

The procedure is valid for any other browser you use, such as Firefox, Opera or Safari, and others.

3. Add Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge

One of the advantages of the new Microsoft Edge over the old one, is the fact that it is fully compatible with the same features of Chrome and other browsers that use Chromium, such as Opera and Vivaldi.

To do this, go to and install the same extensions you used in Chrome, also on Edge, again.

4. Make Microsoft Edge read text aloud

This is a feature that few people know exists: by default, Microsoft Edge offers the ability to read texts aloud, without requiring dedicated adjustments to accessibility settings.

  1. Use the mouse to select the text you want the browser to read;
  2. Right-click the selection;
  3. Click on “Read aloud and selection”;
  4. The text will be read;
  5. Click on “Voice Options” to change the narrator or language.

5. Browse anonymously

Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge has a private browsing mode, called “InPrivate Browsing”. When you activate it, data such as browsing history, cookies, passwords, self-filling forms and others are not stored locally, a useful resource for those who share the computer.

To activate the feature, do the following:

  1. Click “More”, “New InPrivate window”;
  2. The incognito window will open;
  3. You can also activate by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + N”.

And ready.