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MMX Hill Dash 2 Updated Android Tricks

Are you looking for the tricks for the MMX Hill Dash 2 Android game? Do you want some tricks to simplify your life in the MMX Hill Dash 2 game? Are you playing MMX Hill Dash 2 and are you blocked?

No problem, we’re here to help you!

Today we will see together a lot of tricks for this game. Quickly and easily you can unlock many additional features and increase the fun, all without in-app purchases and then without spending a single penny!


MMX Hill Dash 2 is a FREE monster truck racing game that whizzes across all kinds of environments in hundreds of challenges. Get behind the wheel and fasten your belt with the PvP racing game based on the most compelling and FUN!

Reach the finish line in a myriad of circuits overcoming obstacles, ramps, bridges, climbing hills, jumping and making turns of death. Go with the turbo thanks to the incredible upgrades for trucks and try to climb the rankings in this fantastic MMX game that will put a strain on your driving skills!

MMX Hill Dash 2 has the biggest trucks and the most insidious types of terrain like Tropical, Canyon and Arctic; you can prove to be the best driver of all time. With ultra realistic physics, high-powered scenarios and compelling off-road modes, you will not be able to stop playing MMX Hill Dash 2.

Put your hands on the steering wheel, foot on the accelerator, download MMX Hill Dash 2 today and start racing.

• Complete the arduous off-road circuits
• Boost your truck, give us in with the wheels, increases the speed and adherence
• Fasten your seat belt for a bit ‘of PvP action and challenge your friends in off-road racing
• Scale the peak and become the best MMX rider of all time
• Increase action with custom upgrades, tracks and winding roads
• Compete with myriad of fantastic monster trucks

Become a legendary driver, get on the road with these very powerful vehicles and compete with all of yourself, otherwise forget it. Compete on exciting off-road tracks with various obstacles. Push on the accelerator, run straight to the finish line and win these thrilling PvP races on tracks that require great skills. Jump on ramps, fly over obstacles of various kinds and get the checkered flag.

Create a monster truck and boost it with a variety of boost systems to crush your opponents. Upgrade your truck to improve Speed, Adherence, Stability and Tilt Power! Turn your truck into a single vehicle for fast-paced racing.

Take flight with spectacular jumps and spins of death that will test your driving skills. Check the accelerator pedal to tilt the vehicle forward or press the brake to tilt it backwards. It is up to you to be able to position your truck well before starting a jump. It brakes and accelerates at the right time to prevent things from really going out of control.

Defeat all your opponents and become a skilled pilot! Climb the rankings by burning the tires with epic and upgraded vehicles: the Micro, the Monster, the Tank, the Buggy, the Quad Bike, the Amphibian, the Supercar and the Snowmobile

MMX Hill Dash 2 is the explosive sequel to MMX Hill Dash – Off Road Racing, a dynamic PvP racing game with unbelievable success, adrenaline from start to finish. Exceed speed limits! Well, crush the tablet pedal, download MMX Hill Dash 2 for FREE and start playing now!


Tricks really work?

Yes, the tricks have been personally tested and work perfectly on LG G6.

Is there a risk of ban?

Yes, in some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer) applying the tricks you risk the ban. Use them at your own risk, therefore. In those offline obviously there are no problems.

What version of the game are these tricks compatible with?

The tricks are compatible with the latest updated version of the game available on the Google Play Store.

What do these tricks offer for MMX Hill Dash 2 for Android?

  • working tricks MMX Hill Dash 2
  • tricks updated MMX Hill Dash 2
  • unlimited money MMX Hill Dash 2
  • Endless unlimited coins MMX Hill Dash 2

Do you need the root to use these tricks for MMX Hill Dash 2?

No, you do not need the root.

How do I activate the tricks and hacks in MMX Hill Dash 2 Android?

First of all, I suggest you follow the steps on MAC or PC and not on phone/tablet.

Then, before proceeding, some recommendations and clarifications:

  • do everything at your own risk. The procedure has been tested by me, but if something goes wrong on your device I do not take any responsibility
  • the tricks file was neither created nor uploaded to the internet by Teknologya. We found the tricks on other English / American forums/websites, we tested and tested it thoroughly and wrote the guide to use it. Nothing more. The file was created and uploaded by other users on the web, so we do not take any responsibility for problems related to the file you download and install on your device
  • there is always the risk of losing your previous bailouts
  • if the article should create problems, just leave a comment or contact me by mail and I will remove it.

Now here are the instructions to follow to proceed.

  • Uninstall any already installed versions of the game
  • Go to THIS SITE and make a free registration (otherwise you can not download the files). Obviously if you are already registered skip the registration
  • Once the registration is complete, click HERE to get directly to the post with the most up-to-date tricks for the game
  • Inside the article you have to download the APK file (and possible OBB file) with active tricks. Start the download
  • Now you have to install the APK file with any file manager after copying it to your smartphone or tablet NOTE: if you do not know how to install APK and OBB files on Android, you can follow this detailed guide: How to install games (APK and OBB) on Android
  • Once the game is installed, all you have to do is start it and enjoy the tricks.

Here, we’re done.

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