Mobile Marketing Channels as a Traffic: 4 tips for 2019

For every website owner, one of the biggest concerns is getting steady traffic on a consistent basis. While there are many sources from which websites can get traffic, ensuring a constant traffic flow from either of them is a hard task. That is especially the case for most websites that are not as popular as Internet juggernauts like Facebook, Google, or YouTube.

With most people quickly shifting their preference towards mobile devices, mobile marketing channels have now collectively emerged as a potential traffic source for websites. Simply relying on “traditional” traffic sources does not cut it anymore and may doom your website eventually.

That is, of course, not to say you should ditch them for the newest alternative. 

Rather, combining both can maximize your results. Mobile marketing channels are diverse and most of them are not even exclusive to mobile platforms. It’s just that most of their userbase are mobile device users. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are predominantly mobile-heavy and are optimized as such to provide the best experience on mobile devices.

The availability of so many mobile marketing channels doesn’t mean you can use them all to drive up your website’s traffic. Your aim should not be being a jack of all trades but rather a master of few. Knowing which sources are best equipped to maximize your efficiency and bring more traffic can save both money and effort.

In 2019, having some sort of mobile marketing strategy is a must regardless of whether you have a business or own/operate a website. The sheer enormity of mobile device users coupled with the ever-developing technology and availability of tools gives you plenty of options to grow your website. Not to mention that it is an alternative source for more traffic that you will otherwise miss out on if you choose to neglect it.

A Brief Background On Mobile Marketing

Before we go deeper into which mobile marketing channels can effectively serve as alternative traffic sources, let’s define what constitutes a mobile marketing channel.

A mobile marketing channel means using any method or platform on mobile devices for marketing activities. This can be as broad as to constitute all apps and activities that are predominantly completed through the mobile phone. 

Having established that, let’s go over some mobile marketing channels that can boost your website’s traffic by a good margin.

Social Media

Social media websites are by far the commonly visited websites in the world. The number of users that frequent social media website daily is in the billions. As more and more individuals are inclined towards going for this medium to communicate, be entertained, and even do serious work, such as advertising, the population on social media is also constantly increasing. It’s also for this reason that social media marketing also falls as one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies. You just can’t turn a blind eye on the wide reach of population and traffic you immediately have at your disposal.

Obviously, this makes it a lucrative source for potential traffic and one a lot of websites try to capitalize on. The traffic is mostly referral but that is not a problem.

Besides bringing in more traffic, social media provides you with the opportunity to create brand recognition among the masses which will help with direct and organic traffic later on. When you’re advertising on this avenue, wherein millions are active users at any given time, it’s so much easier to make your business name and brand known with the general public.

Needless to say, social media isn’t exclusively a mobile marketing channel. The reason it is listed as such is due to it being heavily optimized for mobile devices, thus most of its users are mobile users as opposed to desktop users. Many individuals are very inclined towards visiting their social media sites during their idle time.

The downside with social media websites is its ever-declining organic traffic. In other words, unless you’re running paid advertisements, you will have a hard time to reach a lot of people, hence decreasing incoming traffic. 

The upside is that regardless of how much traffic you can get from social media websites organically, they still offer a lot of value in terms of increasing your brand value, which as discussed earlier, can lead to getting more traffic from other sources, namely direct traffic.

With social media marketing, four of the most favored social media mediums are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Another mobile marketing channel that you can use to drive up your website’s traffic is mobile affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a business selling products and services find an affiliate willing to promote their business for a share of the sales in return. Within our context, you can use mobile affiliate marketing to promote your website to get more traffic in exchange for money. 

When you think about it, one of the better ways to get more traffic is through an affiliate that has a lot of reaches and following, because when they promote your website, chances are high that a significant portion of their following will convert into traffic. And since mobile affiliates offer substantially more reach (there are more mobile users on the Internet than desktop users), making use of this channel is a no brainer.

Mobile App Marketing

An emerging form of mobile marketing is mobile app marketing. In this kind of marketing, ads are being played within apps for a short period of time in set intervals and it is nearly impossible for users not to notice them.

You can use this mobile marketing channel as a source to get more traffic for your website, though results-wise it may not be as effective as may assume. 

Mobile Video Marketing

Videos are in trend right now and most publishers are pushing for more audiovisual content than ever. People are more interested in watching videos than reading long articles. And for a good reason—saves up time, is more entertaining and attention-catching. More so, videos tend to have a deeper grasp on the viewers’ minds as it allows for better memory recall.

Websites like YouTube and Vimeo, or even short videos on Instagram for that matter, provide decent platforms to create and share content on. And they have no shortage of daily visitors.

You can utilize mobile video marketing to create engaging videos about your website and promote it on video sharing websites. If they’re good enough quality-wise, your viewers will also check out your website, thus leading to an increase in traffic.

Here are other reasons for you to apply video marketing:

  • It offers ease and convenience. When Internet users search for information online, videos are mostly always the first stop.
  • It’s very effective in gaining the attention of your site visitors.

However, for these benefits to be achieved, it’s best for you to hire professional video production companies. That way, you’re assured that they absolutely know what they’re doing and that your videos are effective in what they do.

Final Word

As smartphones are getting even more popular these days, all the more that marketers should focus on this avenue for their marketing campaigns. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this wide reach of potential market. More so, if you’ve got a website, it also pays to ensure that all of your strategies are optimized for mobile use. 

The tips above can help give you have a good head start. All that’s left for you to do is to start applying them.

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