Maybe I was looking for a tutorial on how to earn RP (Riot Points) for free in the LoL (League of Legends) … But the truth is that it will not happen. Not so easily. Instead, we’ll explain why you will not win RP for free. Learn why you should not fall into these pitfalls and lose your account with all the progress.

Why you will not win RP for free at LoL [protect yourself]

Why you will not win RP for free at LoL

The main answer is: because it is the currency of the game that gives profit to Riot Games.

Although League of Legends is a free game, RPs are the only way the game developer earns money from the players. So it’s not free.

It is worth noting that Riot does not become a villain for this. It needs the money to continue operations and, in addition, all content that can be purchased is aesthetic, that is, it does not affect the performance of players, creating advantages among others.

You do not need RP

Maybe a promotion of a skin that you admire is tempting and it’s okay to buy it if you can. But otherwise it is not worth at all to risk third-party offerings to get PR for free.

Why do not I need PR?

  1. In League of Legends, as said, skins only have aesthetic character applied during a match, without creating advantages over other players;
  2. You can fall into a blow and end up losing access to your account;
  3. In LoL, there are other ways to earn paid content as rewards for quests, chests, seasoning bonuses. If you have patience, you may have the chance to get the items through the year.


Offerings of skin or RP for free in the LoL can appear from all sides, with “varying costs”. Never enter your username and password in these places. That’s the price, they steal your account. If you really want to win the coins, they should always come in the form of a PIN, a code that only you must enter to redeem the Riot Points.

Entering your email and password is the same as giving access to your account to a stranger. With these credentials he can change the registration information and take full control of the account, being able to sell it to any other person interested in the position in which you have, for example.

League of Legends has its own RP purchase system, which allows you to buy by debit cards, credit card, SMS and even bank transfer.

In addition, several physical stores such as Walmart among others, allow the purchase of the debit card to be redeemed later in the game, works like those credits from Google Play, Netflix and iTunes Gift Cards.

RPs for free do not exist?

One thing is certain: there are no ways to circumvent the League of Legends system to get the codes to trade for RPs, but what can exist are other ways to pay for them without actually paying: consuming advertising and getting rewards.

Many services we use on the internet such as Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify may be free of charge for advertising purposes, advertisements that enable the content to be freely provided, monetizing the creator or the platform so that they continue to offer the services without charge. Some sites may behave similarly.

In the case of RPs, they cause the player to consume a series of ads in exchange for points that can be accumulated to be exchanged for Riot Points in the future. RPs that have been purchased in the store and come to you as PINs.

However, you have to pay close attention and do not get out by clicking on everything that is singing. Some of these offerings require that users install programs or games on their computer. Think twice about whether it’s worth the effort and the risk.

And again: never enter your username, password or email.


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