What are the most reliable hard disks in 2018? Here is new ranking

According to the new data of Backblaze that summarizes all the first 9 months of 2018 is again the most reliable hard disk manufacturer is HGST that offers the most reliable hard disks of the world.

The company, a subsidiary of Western Digital, beats its WD, Seagate and Toshiba among the most reliable hard disks. So for the third consecutive year, the safest and most reliable hard disk is Hitachi (HGST) that according to data published by Backblaze have a very low percentage of breakage.

The data were published after several tests in large companies and data centers where there are over 100,000 hard disks where tests were started to see how many errors were written. The ranking is updated as at 30 September 2018.

What is the most reliable hard disk?

The following table is quite clear where we find HGST hard disks with a very low write-off percentage, on average close to 0% with an average of 0.5% errors on all HGST hard drives analyzed.

Once again in second place of the most reliable and safe producers when talking about hard drives we find Seagate, which reported a failure rate around 1%.

Finally we find Toshiba and Western Digital that with a percentage of 2 and 3% respectively behave much worse than competitors.

To clarify how the tests have been carried out on industrial and non-consumer devices, but it is a clear indication on which are the best and most reliable hard disks for us common mortals.

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