It is time to test one of the most emblematic phones, The Moto G7 Plus, the most complete version of Motorola’s best-selling handset.

Now in our testing, in addition to the traditional games tests, we will bring together the benchmark reports, so you can compare the results of the games with the benchmarks and can wisely make a choice before downloading it.

The list of games we are going to test is:

  • Asphalt 8
  • Free Fire
  • PES 2019
  • PUBG
  • Subway Surfer

Is Moto G7 Plus good for gaming?

The Moto G7 Plus comes equipped with a Snapdragon 636, octa-core processor with 1.8GHz clock, 4GB memory and 64GB storage. The battery is 3000 mAh and it runs Android 9.0 Pie.

Moto G7 Plus runs Asphalt 8?

The first game analyzed was the Asphalt 8. The Moto G7 Plus kept the 30 frames at a stability of 93%. The battery consumption during the test was on average 620mA. This means that in the Moto G7 Plus you will have approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes of battery life to play Asphalt 8. In this period the average use of the processor was 8.5% and the memory at 589MB. In terms of data usage, it downloaded 8MB and uploaded 1.8MB.

Asphalt Report 8:

  • 30FPS: 93%
  • Processor: 8.50%
  • Memory: 589MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 620mA
  • Battery life: 04h 50min
  • Download: 8000MB
  • Upload: 1800MB

Asphalt 8 runs smoothly in Moto G7 Plus, with graphics at maximum and you can play for almost 5 hours the game until the battery is over.

Does Moto G7 Plus run Free Fire?

The second game analyzed was the Free Fire. The game ran at 58 FPS average maintaining 96% stability, using on average 17.8% of processor and 673MB of memory. Only 1.4MB of data was downloaded and 1MB uploaded. Its battery life is 3h30min, with an average consumption of 851mA.

Free Fire Report:

  • Free Fire
  • 58FPS: 96%
  • Processor: 17.80%
  • Memory: 673MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 851mA
  • Battery life: 03h 30min
  • Download: 1400MB
  • Upload: 1000MB

Free fire runs smoothly on Moto G7 Plus. It did not run in the 60FPS, but during the matches we did not find any blockages that could cause it to lose battles. We considered the chart and frame rate at most as well as in the other tests.

Does Moto G7 Plus run PES 2019?

The Moto G7 Plus kept 30FPS with 96% stability on PES 2019. Using an average 19% processor and only 615MB of memory. During the game were downloaded 1MB of data and uploaded 1MB, the average 856mA consumption of the battery resulted in the autonomy of 3h and 30min.

PES 2019 report:

  • PES 2019
  • 30FPS: 96%
  • Processor: 19.00%
  • Memory: 615MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 856mA
  • Battery life: 03h 30min
  • Download: 1000MB
  • Upload: 1000MB

YES, PES 2019 runs smoothly in Moto G7 Plus, and you can play for 3 hours and a half.

Does Moto G7 Plus run PUBG?

The fourth game analyzed was PUBG. The processor had average use of 18% and memory of 758MB. During the game, it downloaded 1.3MB of data and uploaded 1MB. PUBG ran with 45FPS, and stability of 94%, with graphics at minimum and frame rate high. The battery life is 4 hours and 10 minutes, and the average consumption was 720mA.

PUBG Report:

  • PUBG
  • 45FPS: 94%
  • Processor: 18.00%
  • Memory: 758MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 720mA
  • Battery life: 04h 10min
  • Download: 1000MB
  • Upload: 1000MB

PUBG Runs in the Moto G7 Plus with the graphic quality to a minimum. The resolution of the game was set to FULLHD, standard in our tests. It can put graphics only on the Balanced, second option of five. In this the game was losing many frames and ran on average of 30FPS with stability of 70%. So it’s bad to play on higher than the worst quality.

Subway Surfer?

The last game on the list is Subway Surfer. During our test, it used 21% of processor, consumed 340MB of memory, dropped 10KB and went up 10KB. It ran at 60FPS with 99% stability, and used 641mA of battery. The autonomy is 4h and 35 minutes.

Subway Surfer Report:

  • Subway Surfers
  • 60FPS: 99%
  • Processor: 21.00%
  • Memory: 340MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 641mA
  • Battery life: 04h 35min
  • Download: 10MB
  • Upload: 10MB

YES, Subway Surfer Runs in the Moto G7 Plus and it will be possible to ride for 4 hours and a half.


In the conclusion of the Smooth Wheel in Moto G7 Plus, we can say that the smartphone has run all the games. It did not suffer from heat. We can note that in most games it has used more battery power than some close competitors like the Moto X4.


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