Motorola Razr foldable: we will have to wait longer than expected

According to the latest news, the debut of the highly anticipated Motorola folding smartphone, the new Razr, will arrive much later than expected

Motorola Razr foldable: we will have to wait longer than expected

Bad news for the large share of users that anxiously awaited the imminent debut of the new Motorola Razr.

The Chicago-based folding smartphone – whose features have been widely sponsored and praised – was slated to be available for pre-order from December 26 and in stores from January 9, but launch dates have been frozen according to several sources.

Motorola has not updated the dates scheduled for the release of its new $1,500 phone, it has only stated that “it will not be a significant shift”. The delay was attributed to the demand that exceeded expectations.

This is the second postponement regarding the debut of the highly anticipated new Motorola Razr, which at first should have been available even for the summer.

Motorola Razr: there will be waiting

The price of the new device – $1,500 – represents a real revolution for Motorola, which has historically focused on producing cheap phones.

The delay of the Razr follows a pattern that is showing similar in all the launches of folding smartphones; it should be remembered the sensational postponement of Samsung, after an initial phase of the release of its Galaxy Fold had detected serious problems with the screen.

The leaflet is currently one of the biggest challenges in the tech sector, but many in the sector point out that the transition from the idea to a working device shows a monumental engineering challenge.

Even Huawei, which has in a foldable smartphone program at $2,600, the Mate X, announced earlier this month plans to delay the launch. In the meantime, Apple has filed several patents for a leaflet, but has not yet officially announced production plans.

Razr represents a huge success for the company’s past. The first version of the phone debuted in 2004 becoming the best-selling of all time in the United States, until the iPhone overtook.

The new Motorola Razr, with a clamshell design, will be equipped with a flexible screen that will allow the smartphone to close on itself.

In India at the moment the debut is even more complicated, given the absence of the reader dedicated to the physical SIM card, which will be offered with the Razr only in eSIM format, still not supported by Indian operators.

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