Netflix : Monitor and manage mobile streaming data consumption

Netflix allows you to adjust the quality of streaming TV shows and movies in the mobile app when you are connected to a mobile network, allowing you to consume fewer data sacrificing image quality or having the highest quality using more data.

The Netflix mobile app that introduces the option to set the maximum video quality is available from May 5, and is an update that has long been asked by users who, accustomed to spending time on the road or anyway when they do not have WiFi access, they had to watch movies in low quality because to avoid consuming too much data Netflix limited the streaming, as the application automatically did not stream at the highest quality allowed by the network.

Now, thanks to the update, even if you are under a 4G network very fast but you have a few GB available, you can set the block to see the contents of Netflix in low quality, and thus save data; on the contrary, it is now possible to get rid of consuming GB and watching videos at full definition.

“We are constantly looking to improve image quality while maintaining maximum streaming efficiency, which is why bitrates may not be consistent,” said Eddy Wu, Director, Product Innovation at Netflix. “As always happens with streaming, however, the actual use of data may vary depending on the capabilities of the device and the network conditions” the Director follows, concluding by promising that “we will continue to work to provide the best streaming experience in TV, computer or smartphone, at home or on the road “.

Netflix in the announcement in which it announced the novelty explained that it has accepted the feedback from its customers, so as to “protect consumers from exceeding the limits of mobile data connections.”

In the Netflix apps for iOS and Android, how do you set a streaming quality limit to save data? It’s very simple: just open the app, then open the menu that is on the left or bottom (depending on the app version), scroll down until you reach ‘app settings’ and access the entry’ cellular data consumption ‘. There you can choose between different options:

– Off to play content only when connected in WiFi;
– Low to consume 1GB every 4 hours of streaming;
– Medium to consume 1GB every 2 hours of streaming;
– High to consume 1GB every 1 hours of streaming;
– Unlimited so as not to have limits on the move, thus obtaining the highest quality by downloading data without limits.

Remembering that higher video quality means more data usage, for DEFAULT, the ‘cellular data consumption’ option is set to ‘Automatic’ which means that the app will use the default settings for data and quality as selected in its own account, so if you have ever registered since you have never changed the default speed Netflix will still continue to limit the video quality on mobile connections.

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