Latest Android Apps to download – New in May 2018

New month, new Android apps to download. If you are looking for fresh new apps to use to personalize your phone, connect to WIFI and get ready, even this month we suggest 5 new and useful applications to download from the Play Store.

Let’s see what are the best new Android Apps released recently in recent weeks that deserve to be downloaded and used on smartphones and tablets.

Each month we select a list always updated of the news more useful and fun found on the Google Play Store to give you the opportunity to download and install Android apps always new and interesting.

Below you will find the best new Android apps to download for smartphones and tablets released in the last month of May 2018.

New Android Apps of May 2018

Opera Touch: the new fast browser with Flow

Opera Touch is a new app browser for android smartphone designed to be used with one hand and that allows you to synchronize searches and web browsing, links, images and videos between your smartphone and Opera on your PC.

Using Opera Touch in conjunction with Opera with Computer, you can synchronize searches and web browsing between devices.

Connecting the mobile phone to the PC is very simple. Simply start the Opera browser on your PC and scan the QR code displayed on the screen with Opera Touch. You do not need login, password or account. At this point you can send links, videos and notes to yourself with a simple click to view them on other associated devices.

[appbox googleplay com.opera.touch]

Legs and buttocks training

Here is a new android app that allows you to train your legs and buttocks in anticipation of the summer costume test.

Leg and buttock training offers you a new training method, a 30-day methodical exercise program: very effective, but without the need for equipment.

You can do the exercises comfortably at home or anywhere else at any time; you only need 10 minutes a day. Includes instructions via video and animations for each exercise, to ensure you use the correct position during all exercises.

The developers promise changes in the shape of legs and buttocks in a few weeks.

[appbox googleplay buttocksworkout.hipsworkouts.forwomen.legworkout]


LingoDeer is a new android app that allows you to easily learn the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese languages.

It starts with the alphabets of Asian languages to continue with grammatical notes and mother tongue recordings.

Lingodeer includes 2,000 words and phrases used most frequently up to the intermediate level and over 150 lessons, also allows you to take the language anywhere with offline mode.

[appbox googleplay com.lingodeer]

Chat Meet people. Friendship. Meetings – Waplog

Waplog is a new android app for singles that allows you to find a soul mate or a pleasant company with whom you can chat and have fun.

The app aims to find the right match showing who is around and allowing you to start a digital chat without spending a penny. An app worth trying, despite the many banner ads: your soul mate could be around the corner.

[appbox googleplay]

New Android Apps of April 2018

Beelinguapp: Learn languages with audiobooks

If there is one type of app that is definitely worth downloading, it’s the one that will help you learn a new language. Knowing a second language (or even a third, fourth or fifth language) can be very effective, and this is exactly the principle on which Beelinguapp based its app.

This new android app not only looks good, but is also different from other language learning apps. The only thing is that it provides you with stories (of your choice) from which you can learn the language you have chosen as you read. It also has an audio book reader, it’s totally free and you have a choice of thirteen languages.

[appbox googleplay]

Journey – Journal, Journal

Most of the time, our smartphones are with us wherever we go and have become a place to store all our memories. Journey is a new android app that recognizes the importance of our devices to do exactly that.

You can add photos, videos and notes that can be linked to the satellite location where you created them, a pretty interesting feature to review the places you’ve been.

The interface looks good and is compatible with Google Drive and can be synchronized for multiple devices, ideal for use on the road or at home.

[appbox googleplay]

Rave – Videos with Friends

If you have distant friendships, relationships or you can not spend time with friends for one reason or another, then it’s worth trying out this new android app.

It allows you to connect with people to share music, watch videos and movies via Netflix and YouTube. The interesting thing about this app is that it also allows you to chat while doing one of these activities.

[appbox googleplay]

New Android Apps of March 2018

Google Maps Go

The new android lite app of Google Maps also arrives on the Play Store.

Just like the other apps already released (File Go, Google Go), Maps Go is a real Lite variant of the well-known multi-platform navigation app that offers all the features and functionality of the standard version to devices with hardware, memory and connectivity limited.

Functions and features of the standard version of Maps are present: you can then get information on the best way to reach a specific destination, check traffic conditions, look for restaurants and bars nearby.

[appbox googleplay]

PlayStore Deals – Paid Apps for Free now

PlayStore Deals is a new android app that lets you find out which paid apps are offered for free on the PlayStore.

[appbox googleplay com.z2p.devops.playstroredeals_paidappsforfree]

Desire – challenge your partner (beta)

Desire is a new android app that offers couples an opportunity to liven up their relationships in a fun way, through the challenges that one of the partners can send to the other.

There are various categories of challenges (feelings of love, role play and fantasies, dress code, bath time, under my control, Kamasutra, etc.) that must be completed within the time limit, to earn the points at stake that they will serve to unlock even the hottest challenges, some of which involve the risk of being seen, how to grope in a cafeteria…

Completing the challenges will also be possible to get virtual coins and medals that will unlock new categories, there are also daily challenges written by the community.

[appbox googleplay com.desireapps.desire]

New Android Apps of February 2018

Circle Camera

Circle Camera is a new android app that lets you take professional photos.

The app allows you to adjust settings and optimize shots with manual controls and the ability to access settings, white balance, scenes and effects from the side menus.

Circle Camera features: HDR, DRO, Exposure-Bracketing, internal flash, manual exposure and focus, semi-manual ISO, face recognition, self-stabilization, Storage Access Framework, geolocation and timer.

[appbox googleplay]

Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher is a new android launcher that imitates the interface of Google Pixel smartphones offering different customization options.

App drawer, shortcuts, night mode, font, animation, app, everything can be changed according to your taste. You will not need to own a Pixel phone or have Android Oreo in order to have such an interface.

[appbox googleplay com.universallauncher.universallauncher]

CineTrailer Cinema & Film

CineTrailer is a new android app that allows you to be updated on movies in the room and on the outputs in Home Video (Blu-Ray, DVD, Video On Demand).

There are the times of all the major cinemas (UCI Cinemas, The Space, Giometti, Cinemaz, WebTic and all independents) in all european countries, with programming for today, tomorrow and the next days.

The film listings are complete with plot, cast, trailer with resolution up to HD, photo galleries and posters and you can book and purchase tickets in some rooms of the Tix Productions and 18Tickets circuits.

[appbox googleplay]

SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls

SKEDit is a new android app that allows you to program the sending of SMS, email, Facebook post, WhatsApp messages and to create reminders for calls.

With SKEDit it will be possible to select the type of automation to be programmed between calls, SMS, email, Facebook and Whatsapp, write the message and finally set the date and time for automatic sending.

It is also possible to receive a reminder before sending for any updates or cancellations.

[appbox googleplay com.codefish.sqedit]

New Android Apps of January 2018

Tool Box

Tool Box is a new android app that provides the user with 21 tools that take advantage of the functions and sensors of your smartphone.

The instruments present are: compass, level, meter, distance meter, goniometer, vibrometer, magnetic field detector, altimeter, tracker, torch, unit converter.

Also available: magnifying glass, calculator, abacus, counter, barcode reader, mirror, stopwatch, timer and metronome. The application also offers support for Android Wear devices.

[appbox googleplay maxcom.toolbox]

Cooking recipes

Cooking Recipes is a new android app that allows you to search for the best recipes on the web even by inserting just one ingredient.

The app allows you to select recipes by browsing the categories and get suggestions based on your favorite dishes.

It is possible to write your own recipes and share them with a video created by the app, recording the various steps and discovering those of the other users of the community, with the possibility of communicating with cooking enthusiasts.

Main features:
– Choose your favorite dishes and the app will provide you with a personalized list of recipes.
– Our research is quick and analyzes millions of best recipes of the entire web.
– Work together to save recipes with other people and keep them available offline.
– Keep your family recipes saved forever and with quick offline access.
– Great ideas for homemade recipes at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Ramadan.
– Simple and clear interface, without advertising to disturb you.

[appbox googleplay]

O Launcher 8.0 for Android Or Oreo Launcher

O Launcher is a new android app that allows you to install a launcher with features similar to the new Android 8 Oreo.

O Launcher 8.0 for Android O Oreo Launcher supports more than 5000 themes and numerous icon packs and integrates themes with circular, square and teardrop icons, and there are various wallpapers available online.

It is possible to rely on the beginner’s guide which, through a series of steps, allows you to select the type of icons, the drawer color (light or dark), the home screen appearance (pixel or classic style), if you show all the buttons of apps, the size of the icons (small, medium or large) and finally whether to set the launcher as the default.

[appbox googleplay com.launcher.oreo]

Runtastic Balance Calorie counter

Runtastic Balance Calorie Counter is a new android app that allows you to correct your eating habits and monitor them, with the possibility of creating customized plans of weight loss (or increase).

The app is designed for all users who can not (or simply do not want) to practice physical activity, but do not give up a healthy lifestyle by following a well-balanced and balanced diet.

Add all your food quickly and easily: our immense database also covers products that are only in your area. The nutritional values are automatically calculated so you will know immediately if the carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories you have taken are the right ones to reach your goals. Tracing what you eat will tell you a lot about your habits and your diet and will allow you to make the right decisions to have the body you want and feel good.”

Features Runtastic Balance Calorie Counter:

– Check your eating habits and your diet
– Barcode scanner: Insert foods quickly, without having to write.
– Apply the right changes with just a few minutes a day
– Set your weight goal – the daily nutrients will be suggested to you based on your goal
– The amount of calories is calculated based on the portion
– Information on nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and protein

[appbox googleplay]

21 Buttons – Fashion outfit

21 Buttons is a new android app that allows you to publish photos of your clothing and follow the outfits of other users.

On 21 Buttons you will find instagramers and bloggers with more style, and you will be inspired by their outfits, and buy the brands and items that you like the most.

Be like top fashion influencers and earn money using your own style.

In fact, every time one of your followers will buy a product through a published photo, you will earn money rewards.
[appbox googleplay com.android21buttons]

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