Have you heard about NFC but have not understood what it is or what it is for? Here we will explain what it is, how it works and how to use NFC.


NFC, from the acronym of near- field communication, sometimes also called communication in close proximity, it is a technology that, via a set of communication protocols, allows two electronic devices to establish a communication without contact, therefore contactless, bringing them to a distance of, at most, 10 cm between them.


The NFC is based on RFID technology, that is the identification by electromagnetic waves, through which it is possible to transmit data over short distances without any physical contact. But how does the NFC work? In a nutshell, when two devices equipped with NFC technology are approached within a radius of 4 cm, a network is created automatically equal between the two devices, thus allowing both to send and receive information.
Despite the features offered, the NFC technology still offers limited performance as it can reach a maximum data transmission rate of only 424 kbit/s.


To use the NFC only need a device equipped with such technology, such as a smartphone, a PC or a credit card. In practice, taking as reference a credit card equipped with NFC technology and any type of POS, once the card is approached to the payment terminal, the NFC chip located on the credit card, through the appropriate antennas that receive the radio waves emitted from the POS, it derives the energy necessary to transmit the data stored in the chip, thus giving the possibility to pay for a purchase made.
Besides this there are obviously a lot of other possible applications where NFC technology can be used. In any case, the areas where the use of this technology is most used are the payment of goods and/or services, or the transfer of files between two devices.

So at this point you should finally have understood what it is, how it works and how to use the NFC.


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