Is Nintendo thinking of a smartphone dedicated to mobile gaming? Here are all the rumors about the mysterious project.

Nintendo: official smartphone to play on the way?

Nintendo is increasingly pushing mobile: the interest of the Japanese giant in the portable sector has always been a flagship feature of the Super Mario house, which could now have a smartphone dedicated exclusively to mobile gaming.

For the moment it is just rumors and industry rumors, even if the recent rumors that an incoming Nintendo smartphone would like are becoming more and more insistent. The news comes from the headline DigiTimes which reports, through the words of a secret source very close to the project, a meeting by Nintendo top management with several Chinese smartphone manufacturers: the joint objective would be precisely to put into production an exclusive smartphone of the Kyoto home.

Switch compatible Nintendo smartphone?

These are obviously unconfirmed rumors and indiscretions, so to be taken necessarily with pliers. However, the details and clues that reveal an ever-increasing interest from Nintendo for the mobile market are not few.

In a short time, in fact, the big N brought several leading exclusive brands to mobile, see in this regard games like Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, available on both iOS and Android. To these will be added for this summer Mario Kart World Tour and Dr. Mario World, titles destined to considerably expand the offer on smartphones and tablets.

A few months ago it was Shuntaro Furukawa himself, president of the company, who underlined how the future of the Japanese company is not to be understood as exclusively tied to the consoles:

We are not bound or ‘fixed’ to our consoles, at the moment we are offering our Nintendo experience with Switch but the technologies are destined to change. We will continue to always think in a flexible and correlated way with the passage of time.

The sector of smartphones dedicated to gaming is still little explored, but with the potential given by the arrival of 5G also this field is starting to know a slow growth and an interest on the part of the ever larger production companies (Xiaomi and Honor above all). In many hypothesize a possible compatibility with Nintendo Switch, the portable hybrid console currently available on the market, but currently everything remains limited to speculation with no confirmation from Nintendo itself.

King Zell, a reference leaker for the big N world, has recently reported the news regarding an imminent epochal announcement by the Japanese company: “Something big is coming on Nintendo Switch, it wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago but I can’t wait to see the reactions of the public. It was not possible before, like seeing Mario on a PlayStation console”.

We don’t know if the leaker’s words refer to the alleged Nintendo smartphone, but one thing is certain: big news is coming and could forever change the face of the Japanese giant. We will keep you posted.


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