Apex Legends season 1: when it starts, release date, characters and news

Season 1 of Apex Legends has arrived: here is the release date, the Battle Pass, the new Octane character, the leaks and all the news coming.

Apex Legends

Season 1 of Apex Legends finally has an official release date. The game, available for PS4, Xbox One and PC has captivated players all over the world, reaching 50 million players in a few weeks. Between one game and another there is great anticipation for future news available from 19 March, with the arrival of the first season that will bring a wind of novelty like the Battle Pass and new playable characters, as anticipated by different leaks.

To shed light on the release date of Season 1 of Apex Legends also came the dataminer, or the passionate code analysts who aim to reveal a preview of all that is to know about the future of this new battle royale. The title, developed by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts is a free-to-play game, or a free game but with paid content aimed at unlocking certain modes, weapons and much more.

Nothing different from what happens on the rival Fortnite, and precisely one of the elements in common between the two games, namely the infamous Battle Pass is at the center of the first rumors.

Apex Legends: Season 1, start date and time

The release of Season 1 of Apex Legends is now close: the first rumors indicated its arrival in March and the latest rumors would seem to confirm this theory.

After a long wait the official start date has arrived: the first season of Apex Legends starts on March 19th, at 1.00 pm (Washington DC time). Season 1 will accompany players until June, with a planned duration of three months for all subsequent seasons.

The alleged roadmap showing Apex Legends future updates and seasonsThe alleged roadmap showing Apex Legends future updates and seasons

Apex Legends Season 1: Battle Pass, cost and rewards

Even the first official Battle Pass debuts on the same date, with two new versions and different contents.

The Battle Pass for Season 1 is available in two versions :

  • Standard, for the price of 950 coins;
  • Bundle Pass, at the cost of 2800 coins of game (containing the 25 levels of the first season already unlocked, while with the Standard are to be unlocked by playing).

The Battle Pass can only be purchased with the coins available in the game through the store. If you haven’t earned enough and don’t know how to do it, you can always buy it in the store by spending real money via credit card, prepaid card and PayPal.

With the pass also many rewards come and with your purchase you will immediately receive the Revolutionary skin for the character of Lifeline, the Survivor skin for Wraith and the Rebel one for Mirage. There are 100 unique and additional items in the course of the first season.

There will also be new modes, again according to the leak: Survival Mode and Recruitment, which involves a challenge to three teams of around twenty people, each time a member of the opposing team is eliminated he will be revived and immediately recruited by the opposing team. In short, it seems that the challenges will not be lacking.

Apex Legends: new characters

But Apex Legends owes its success also to the characters, unique and with a series of different abilities useful to win by following a precise strategy. On Twitter the @RealApexLeaks account reported the code that would reveal the presence of two new playable characters in the coming weeks.

The first officially confirmed, which will make its debut with the new season: Octane. Its skills are three: Swift Mend (passive, which guarantees self-healing when you are not attacked by other players, Adrenaline Junkie (increases speed for 30 seconds in exchange for 10% of energy) and Launch Pad (ultimate, creates a platform that throws the players into the air).

apex-legends_octane-characterAn image of Octane leaked from the Dailyesports website

Wattson is instead the second character leaked in the leak of the past weeks, even if for the moment it doesn’t seem confirmed: this new hero should be able to count on the ability « Tesla Trap » but the effects of these powers are still wrapped in an aura of mystery. The arrival of two new characters will change the dynamics of the game enriching a park of fighters with distinct personalities that has already won over the players.

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