No mobile data or Internet, Weak Signal problem on Nokia, how to fix

Data connection does not working in Nokia, how to fix! Are you looking for a way to solve the weak signal problem on a Nokia device? This is the right page, below you will find a list of solutions for the problem of data connection does not work on Nokia.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the network of a smartphone consists of two main sections, namely the reception and transmission section in which the components are Network IC, PFO, and Antenna, all together allow the phone to receive and transmit the signal telephone and data.

There are fundamentally different scenarios where you can find different types of network-related problems on your phone. Sometimes, there is no network in the phone even when the SIM is inserted correctly and the device does not detect it.

Another set of problems is a weak signal that makes it difficult to receive messages, calls and surfing the Internet, etc. In this article, we will address the problem of data connection does not work on Nokia, or the problem of the lost network.

Data connection does not work on Nokia, how to fix

Check if the SIM card is inserted correctly

The first thing to do if you have network problems is to check if the SIM card has been inserted correctly or not. Please note that some devices show the message “Insert SIM” on the screen to warn you of this problem, while others may not show you this message. Therefore, if you have network problems, simply remove the SIM card, check that you have inserted it correctly and try to see if the network problem on your Nokia device has been resolved.

Switch to the manually selected network

If you have lost the signal while traveling, you must select the manual network mode in which the system alerts you whenever you lose the signal. It is useful for those traveling in other cities because the manual network selection mode allows users to check for available networks and register with the new network without consuming a lot of battery.

  • To do this, go to Settings on your device.
  • Now, tap the Mobile networks option and then select Network operators.
  • The next screen will show the available SIM cards where you can tap the network you want to use and then tap on “Select manually“.
  • Now tap the OK button and let the system check the available networks nearby.
  • After the results have been displayed on the screen, you can tap on the network to register.

Change preferred network

It is possible that while traveling somewhere or moving from one place to another, the network signal will deteriorate or be lost completely. Android users can change their favorite network on their phone, and can switch to lower bands, for example from 4G to 3G, to check the availability of the latter and use it if the first is not available.

This gives you the ability to stay connected even if with slower networks that you can use to send messages, calls and even surf the Internet.

  • To change your favorite networks, go to Settings and then select Mobile networks.
  • Then, tap the Preferred networks option or search for them on your phone, then select a lower band, for example 4G to 3G or select ‘auto’ so that the system can automatically register on available networks.

Try using your SIM in another phone and see if it works.

Have you installed a custom rom? Did you clean the data after installation?

Do you have signal coverage in the area where you are? No? Then change operator.

These are more technical tips, others may be that you have activated the airplane mode on your smartphone, you have not updated the firmware or simply you have to restart your device. If all these tips are not served, then it’s a hardware problem, you just have to bring your phone to an authorized service center.

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