Samsung Galaxy sound problem how to solve

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Samsung Galaxy sound problem how to fix! Does the audio on your Samsung Galaxy feel bad? Do you no longer hear the sound on your Samsung Galaxy? Below are some useful suggestions to solve the audio problem on your Samsung Galaxy. Have you purchased a Samsung Galaxy device and have you encountered problems with the sound? In this guide, we will try to solve the audio problems of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung is a famous brand all over the world. When we think of smartphones, the name Samsung hits first in our mind. Samsung is famous all over the world for many reasons. One of the many reasons is the adaptation of the company to the evolving market. When technology evolves day by day, Samsung is able to incorporate the latest technology into its devices.

Samsung has invested a lot of its money in research and development, has filed many patents for the exclusive technologies that they have developed using their own research and development teams. This shows the dedication of smartphone manufacturers to its users. They work hard to make customers satisfied and up-to-date with current market trends.

Another factor that distinguishes society is the quality they provide to their devices. Smartphones are made to last. To ensure the highest quality of products, they test devices to resist malfunctions. The tests on the devices are rigorous and uncompromising. The devices are released after several tests. Even after large-scale tests, devices rarely fail. Here we discuss the audio problem on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy sound problem how to solve

Disable the do not disturb mode

Press the volume up button and make sure the phone is not in silent mode. In some Galaxy smartphones, there is the DND mode or do not disturb. If it is enabled, even if the volume is turned up, the volume does not rise. Then to deactivate Do Not Disturb mode. Go to settings> sounds> turn off the do not disturb mode.

Clean the headphone jack

If the problem is associated with the sound of the headphone jack, try cleaning the jack.

Restart your device

Sometimes the problem can be related to the firmware. Restarting the device can reset all firmware issues and fix the audio problem with the Galaxy smartphone.

Via dialer

If the problem is associated with the internal speaker of the device, dial *#7353# on the Samsung Galaxy device and this shows you the diagnostic tool. To diagnose the internal speaker, click on “speaker”, to diagnose external speaker click on “melody”.

Problems with third-party apps

If the phone automatically switches to silent or vibration mode, the problem may be caused by third-party applications. Then delete the recently downloaded applications or switch to Safe Mode. To enter the safe mode, click and hold the power button and turn it off for about 5 seconds. Then restart in safe mode. Check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Hard reset

Perform a hardware reset of the Samsung Galaxy device. Back up all data before restoring because all files stored on your phone will be deleted. To do this, go to settings> backup and restore> factory reset.

If the problem persists, take the phone to an authorized Samsung service center.

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