Nokia power button not working how to fix the problem – Possible solutions

With the progress of technology, smartphones have become smarter than ever before. Gone are the days when phones had dozens of buttons, smartphones today have less than 3 or 4 buttons. Speaking of the buttons available, smartphones have a power button and volume adjustment buttons that are used to turn the device on / off and control the volume.

A power button is an essential hardware button as it allows the user to turn the phone on and off. It is very important to have a working power button because, without it, you will not be able to turn on the phone. There are a number of functions that this button allows users to perform and in the absence of it, the user will lose the ability to perform these functions.

It is necessary to know that a button works with a metal conductor that is placed under the button at the time of connection, the function is performed as shutdown. Let’s see what you can do if the power button does not work frequently or completely.

If the Nokia power button does not work do not worry, we will try to help you with some useful suggestions to solve the problem. The following guide works on all smartphones, so if you happen to happen on this page and you have the same problem, it works for your smartphone.

Restart the phone 

This is a simple and effective way to get around a temporary technical problem. Rebooting the phone has its pros how to fix minor technical problems or bugs that may have occurred when you press the power button. Do not worry because if the power button no longer works suddenly, it could also be a small problem.

Therefore, restart the phone by removing the battery if the phone is equipped with a removable battery. Another way is to use a third-party app to restart the phone because the power button does not work. At startup, you can check whether the button works or not. Assuming it did not work, you can proceed to the next suggestion.

Access to Safe Mode

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode in which users and developers can boot to check for problems and appropriate solutions. In the event that your power button does not work, there may be a problem with the software you can verify using the safe mode.

If the power button works in safe mode, the possibility exists that any recently installed third-party apps cause the problem are due to app conflicts. But if the button does not work in safe mode, it’s definitely a hardware problem.

Check for dirt under the button

Dirt stuck between the button and the driver’s pad may cause problems because, without the required association between these two components, the button will not work. Dirt can cause various types of problems, for example the power button does not work or may lose the connection when you press the button. Take a very sharp object like a needle and take a gentle walk around the button to remove the dirt.

Use one of these applications

If you want to have alternatives to the power button for now, you can use one of these apps below.

Gravity Screen – This app uses the accelerometer sensor of your device to detect if the phone is in your pocket or in your hand, the screen turns on and off as a result.

Knock On – This is an excellent app available on the Google Play Store where it is based on the capacitive touch on the screen to turn it on. But this app consumes a lot of battery. Check compatibility before installing the app.

Proximity actions – Another great application, Proximity operates the proximity sensor installed on the phone and can be controlled by gestures. You can configure the gestures to be used to turn on the screen or turn off the screen, etc.

These are some useful tips in case the Nokia power button does not work . If the button still does not work after applying the following tips, you just have to bring your device to a service center.

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