Today we talk about a free application that can protect applications with specific passwords on your Android device.
As we all know, users have their own private content, myriad applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Gallery. They often want to keep them private and hidden from the eyes of family or friends.

If you care about your privacy and want to protect your applications with a password lock on your Android device, an application is available for you, and it’s called ZDLock.

ZDLock is a free application that in practice is able to protect any application installed on your phone.

How to lock and protect any application installed on the Android device

Step 1. Install ZDLock on the device.

Step 2. Once installed you will see a list of all the applications installed on the device.

Step 3. You can simply click on the lock icon and add the application to the block list.

Step 4. You must set a password (or PIN or a template) to lock/unlock it.

There are a couple of other apps to lock are available in the Google Play store. But compared to these others, I found ZDlock much easier to use. To download just go to the famous forum dedicated to mobile XDA, download the application and install it as a simple apk.

Download ZDlock 1.0.3 – App Lock from XDA


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