Do you have documents or photos saved in your smartphone or tablet’s memory and need to print them as soon as possible? With Android you can manage virtually any printer on the market using dedicated apps or cloud printing.

Printing from Android is not difficult: by following this guide carefully you will be able to print both with printers connected via WiFi to the network and with the classic laser printers connected via USB. To print a document on your smartphone you do not need to send it to your computer first, you can do it directly from your mobile device. Here’s how to do with the different methods.

Print from Android

Google Cloud Print

The first exploitable method to print from Android is to use Google Cloud Print, the Google print service that supports a large number of printers. This service is now so famous that many printers include in their software the ability to configure Google Cloud Print from the interface!

Add the app to your mobile device using the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Cloud Print

When installation is complete, a confirmation window will appear to confirm the activation of the service. Confirm on the Activated item, as indicated by the down arrow.

Once activated, you can add your own printer with the Add printer item, present in the app menu.

In the next screen you will see the printer appear (whether connected via USB or connected via WiFi).

Click on the printer entry to add it to Google Cloud Print. From now on it will be possible to print from Android even when we are away from home, thanks to the cloud service provided by Google to manage printers and documents sent.

How to print from Android with Cloud Print? The procedure is really simple: just press the Share button after opening the document to be printed and send it to the Cloud Print app; if the printer is on and connected, printing will start immediately, if the printer is not turned on, Cloud Print will “keep” the document in the cloud until the printer returns online.

Official apps for printers

In addition to Google Cloud Print, you can add printing services from virtually any printer manufacturer, so you get maximum compatibility with your model, as well as obtain ink level information (or toner if you have a printer laser) and configure the type of printing.

The following list contains all the official apps for printing from Android based on the printer model you are using:

Add these apps to your device to print from Android in comfort!

Print from Android with old or incompatible printers

If your printer is not supported by Android because you have old-fashioned printer you do not need to worry, there’s an app that’s right for you.

PrinterShare is an app for Android devices with high support for all printer models. Among the supported printers you can find those that can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Just use the Select Printer button to start searching for your printer regardless of the connection method used.

You can download PrinterShare from the following link. The app is available for free but some features are only available by paying for Premium version.

DOWNLOAD | PrinterShare


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