What is VPN, Why you Need One and Best VPN for You

What is a VPN?

A VPN is, essentially, a virtual private network that is used to browse the internet by masking everything that is done on the web. Through a VPN, in fact, you can hide your IP address, the sites you visit, the data that you exchange on the web and all the information that we type while we are on the internet.

In practice, with a VPN, we connect to the internet using a sort of virtual and almost unassailable connection that masks and hides all the operations we do on the web.

What are the advantages of a VPN?

They are really a lot. First of all, we will surf on the internet safe and protected from attacks. If some hacker wants to steal credit card information while we buy online, for example, it would have a hard life with an active VPN.

In addition, with the VPN we surf the Internet in total anonymity: nobody will know what sites we visit, what we do, what we write; a VPN is therefore perfect for surfing the internet while you are at work or at school, if you do not want to show other people (eg network administrators) the sites you visit.

A VPN, by hiding your IP address, also allows you to open and browse all those sites obscured or blocked in a particular country; many sites, blogs and forums are obscured, but with the VPN you can open them easily and without problems.

The same goes for all those sites accessible only from the USA: with a VPN you can go to Netflix and all those websites that only work in the US.

Best VPN for PC and Android: NordVPN

A VPN allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and for some years the services that offer surfing on the Internet without a trace are multiplying dramatically. So if you do not want to leave a trace on the internet and at the same time surf safe, secure and anonymous on the internet you must try NordVPN.

For about 6 months we have been trying NordVPN, a  very complete, secure, fast and very cheap VPN service. In fact, for about 33 euros a year, you can have a very cheap VPN service that works well.

NordVPN uses 2048 bit encryption which makes it very safe as it uses a level of Military protection and once installed the application available for Android, iOS, Windows and other systems we will be able to navigate safely using any network, even public WiFi, without fearing that someone on the other side can track your browsing, steals your data or blocks access to certain sites or services.

NordVPN uses over 4000 VPN servers in 60 countries, thanks to the military level protection (OpenVPN, Ikev2/IPsec) and the numerous features like the CyberSec that allows blocking all web threats, are the success of NordVPN.

Nord VPN works without problems on PC, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and with only one subscription, $79 every two years, you can take advantage of the VPN service on all your devices. NordVPN is a secure service, accepts Bitcoin payments, supports all P2P, Torrent and File Sharing software and is very fast if not for small occasional slowdowns.


  • All data sent through NordVPN’s private tunnels is double encrypted (double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption), keeping you anonymous and hiding your information
  • Secures any Internet connection, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, home and corporate networks, and cellular networks
  • Uses servers specially designed to bypass content restrictions and keep your online presence anonymous
  • Strict no-log policy: your activity is not recorded anywhere
  • 43+ worldwide server locations in 25 different countries for online access anywhere
  • Extremely high speed connections for streaming video and content access without slowness
  • Easy to use and set up; custom versions for each specific device
  • Automatic kill switch that shuts down your site as soon as the VPN connection drops, so no data is revealed
  • All DNS queries stay secure and protected
  • Secret notes that auto-destroy and an encrypted chat function
  • Connect two devices at the same time
  • No limit on date
  • Web proxy extension for Google Chrome

Download NordVPN

You can download NordVPN by clicking on the following links, install it, and use it for 7 days for free and then at the end of the free trial you need to pay to continue using the NordVPN VPN service.

Download NordVPN

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