Notepad and Wordpad: what are the differences?

The computer is used for many daily operations, one of the most frequent is the writing of texts, we do not refer to the famous Office package, but two free applications preinstalled on Windows, that is, the notebook and the Wordpad, useful tools for those who want to write, in this article we will see between Notepad and Wordpad what are the differences.

What is notepad

The notepad is used for text files with the extension .txt, while Wordpad is a bit ‘more complete, many similar visually and functionality to Microsoft Word, allows the preparation of more elaborate texts.

The substantial difference between the two is that the notepad is a very simple editor, there are no functions of formatting, inserting images or elements, while the Wordpad is a real writing tool equipped with everything you need to make the text more pleasant to read.

The Notepad is mainly used for the preparation of quick texts or to make the information file, often used for logs of programs, does not let you customize the text style, add corset, italic, underline, or to apply only changes of certain phrases or words.

Usually the notebook is used by programmers to create Web pages in HTML, scripts, programs and all that does not need formatting, is also used in the daily to take notes, write lists or remove formatting to texts copied and pasted by internet or from other sources.

What is the Wordpad

The Wordpad is much more advanced, very similar to Word of the Office package, provides the tools to format the text, provides the insertion of links, images, tables and many other elements, the standard format is .RTF.

With this program you can also edit texts in TXT format, it is very common to copy text from the latter and then paste it on a .RTF file to give it an appropriate format.

An interesting aspect of Wordpad is that it allows you to work TXT files and save them in RTF format, which is not possible with Notepad, compatible only with your own format, so with Wordpad we can open and edit TXT files but we can not open files with extension .RTF.

These two Windows tools are certainly among the most useful, the Notepad was born even before Windows, at the time of MS-DOS in 1983 and then over the years has evolved, becoming a simple and light, ideal tool for those who want to pin or write sentences quickly.

The Wordpad made its debut with Windows 95, immediately became the free program most used to write texts and today, it remains the choice preferred by many users, despite the many open source software available and easily available on the net.

In conclusion, we are faced with two programs that have the same end but with different characteristics, the choice of one or the other must be done by evaluating the type of requirement that must be met, however, represent two very valid solutions.

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