How to record PC screen and convert it to GIF

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In recent years the animated GIF are back in the limelight, thanks to their frequent use on social networks, on the net if they are of all tastes but in this article we will see how to record PC screen and convert it to GIF, to have many customized.

There are many useful apps to convert video to GIF, but there are some that allow direct recording of GIF, as in the case of Screen To GIF, a lightweight program, very simple to use, no installation is needed and the result is very good.

Another similar free software is Recordit, this also allows you to record the PC screen directly in GIF, below we will briefly see the basic functions of both.

Screen To Gif

First we download Screen To Gif, which does not need any installation, after unzipping the zip you need to run the executable, everything is done in a transparent window, the program will record everything that will be visible in it.

You can change the size manually according to your needs or enter the desired height and width in the lower pane of the window.

To start recording press Record, at the end click on Stop, it will automatically open the window with the GIF frames, which you can customize to your liking, adding texts or drawings, or setting the speed or deleting some frames.

To create the animated GIF, click on Save As, give a name to the GIF and ensure that the right saving format is selected, then choose the destination folder for saving, press Save and after a few seconds you will have the GIF.


Recordit is another very good software to record the PC screen and convert it to GIF, unlike Screen To Gif, this is downloaded and installed on your computer.

After installation, an icon is shown on the right at the bottom of the screen, clicking on it will show dashed lines horizontally and vertically that will serve to delimit the part of the screen to be recorded.

Then just press Record and at the end of recording on Stop, the program will take a few seconds to process the video and upload directly to our animated GIF, ready to be downloaded or shared.

First the video is shown and then clicking on GIF it will be possible to have the GIF file directly.


Screen to Gif and Recordit are two excellent programs to record the PC screen and convert it to GIF, but they have substantial differences, the first one does not need to be installed on a computer and provides a series of useful tools to customize and modify the Animated GIF.

The second, however, must be installed on the computer but it is definitely easier to use, makes the video automatically, as the animated GIF, so it is the ideal solution for those who want an immediate and effective, the downside is that it is not very customizable.

What is certain is that with these two excellent free programs, making animated GIFs on their own will no longer be a problem.


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