How to password protect or encrypt a folder in Windows 10

If you want to have more privacy on your computer and keep your files and folders away from prying eyes, you can intervene by entering a password to protect the contents, in this guide we will explain how to encrypt a folder in Windows 10 in a few simple steps.

You can encrypt both a folder and a file, regardless of the format, with Windows 10 you can secure your content.

For our example we have created a folder called Desktop, we will need to briefly explain the steps to be done to encrypt a folder in Windows 10.

Right click on the folder to be encrypted and select “Properties”, then click on General and Advanced.

Check the Encrypt contents for data protection box, confirm Ok, at this point you are asked whether to encrypt only the folder, or, all the subfolders and the various files contained within them.

After choosing the preferred option, confirm once again by clicking OK, this way the folder will be encrypted.

A very simple operation, also suitable for those who are not a great computer expert, but how to decrypt a folder?

In case you need to decrypt a folder, the procedure is just as easy and immediate: right click on the folder and instead of selecting Encrypt contents for data protection, you have to remove the check and press OK.

Recall that when you encrypt a file or a folder, an encryption certificate is automatically created that is good to keep, because in case you lose, you can no longer use all encrypted files and folders.

The choice to encrypt a folder or not is reserved for those who want to add an additional level of security to their content, to prevent them from ending up in the hands of other people.


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