You are going to number the pages of your PDFs, but you have no idea how to do it? Thanks to the programs that we will see today, you can face this operation with confidence and with the certainty of not even pouring a drop of sweat. So let’s see the best 4 free programs to number the pages of a PDF.

A-PDF Number

It is by far one of the best free software to number pages in a PDF. The reason is due to the fact that, thanks to this program, you can process hundreds of pages in a couple of seconds and add the numbering. Moreover, it allows you to customize several additional options, as well as being able to view a convenient preview of the final result. Among the many things offered by this software, also stands out the possibility to select the position of the number within the page, the type of number (Roman or in letters), and the addition of custom prefixes, always if desired. Unfortunately, this program does not allow you to change the size of the numbers and the font of the text.

Hexonic PDF Numberer

As for power, no software to number the pages of a PDF can compete with Hexonic PDF Numberer: this program allows you to add the numbers to the pages of the PDF file working in batch, unlike many other similar programs. In our list, then, it is the only one able to do it. In addition to adding numbering to pages, Hexonic PDF Number also offers several options for customizing numbers, such as font and font size settings, color and even alignment, which can be vertical or horizontal. To add that you can set the type of numbers: Roman in upper or lower case, or in normal letters.

Bates Label A PDF

It is very different from the previous software on our list: it is a portable program and is therefore very light and practical. In fact, it works like a simple command line and is therefore designed exclusively to add numbering, without too many frills. In spite of its simplicity, however, Bates Label A PDF still allows you to change the font size, its position and alignment, and to add any prefixes. Unfortunately, these options are mandatory: if you do not compile them, you will not be able to proceed with the numbering of the PDF file, which is a bit paradoxical. It should also be said that using this program is nothing but simple: since it is a command line software, you need to know all the text strings to activate the different options for numbering PDFs.

PDFTK Builder

The last program to number the pages of a PDF that we will see today is PDFTK Builder: perhaps the simplest and lightest option on our list, therefore the best solution if you do not want to waste time on unnecessary customizations. This program simply allows you to apply the numbering to the pages of the PDF file: nothing else. It should however be emphasized that this software has other very interesting options: within its four tabs, you can in fact perform operations such as the rotation of the PDF, the division and for the union of different PDF files.


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