Thanks to these sites to rotate PDF files online and for free, which we will see today in this article, you can use the web to rotate PDF pages at 90 and 180 degrees, clockwise or anti-clockwise. And not only that: every site that we will see has unique characteristics, such as rotation, or multiple selection or intervals of selected pages. There is nothing left to do, therefore, that know these portals so useful to rotate PDF files. is a multi-function portal that comes with a wide range of options for rotating PDF files online and for free. This site has two unique features: it allows you to rotate based on the range of selected pages, and multiple rotation. Besides of course the rotation of all the pages of the file, if the above mentioned interval is not selected., however, allows uploading files for up to 100MB. In return, using this site is really simple, and can also be used to crop PDFs, to merge them with the merge function and to resize them.

Pdf Rotation Online

The second site of our list of portals to rotate PDF online and free is Pdf Rotation Online: this portal is one of the best on the web, as it allows you to rotate the pages of these files very quickly and being able to take advantage of several extra options, such as rotating odd or even pages, or customizing page rotation, at 90 or 180 degrees from both time directions. The real big problem is that it does not allow you to upload files exceeding 20 MB: a fairly wide limit, especially for those who need to rotate PDF files composed of a large number of pages.


PDF2Go is a multifunctional website that presents itself as an excellent alternative to the previous ones listed. The reason is due to the fact that it allows you to upload PDF files to rotate from cloud servers like Dropbox and Google Drive, simply by pasting the link. In addition, it allows you to rotate the defined page ranges, or to customize the rotation by indicating only a few specific pages. Finally, to underline the fact that there seems to be no limitation in terms of size: which makes this platform unique.


Even PDFRotate enters the right list of the best sites to rotate PDF online and free because, in addition to allowing the usual clockwise rotation or anti-clockwise at 90 and 180 degrees, has an excellent privacy system that ensures the deletion of the file from site server within 60 minutes of upload. Even in this case you can load PDFs from both the PC and cloud servers like Dropbox and Google Drive, being able to take advantage of a very simple and usable interface, and a remarkable speed. The maximum size allowed for PDF rotation is 100 MB.

The last item on our list is We have decided to include this platform also because of its ease of use and its immediacy. Do not expect particularly complex options, since it is not a site designed to deepen the rotations: in addition, the maximum limit for PDF files is 25 MB. Unfortunately, the portal has some flaws: although it is apparently possible to upload files from Google Drive and Dropbox, this option almost never works.


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