How to open dwg file without AutoCAD

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Flipping through the folders on your PC did you come across a file in DWG format that you do not know how to open?

Do not worry, if you want, I’ll give you a hand. DWG files are databases that contain 2D/3D projects, maps, photos and geometric data created with AutoCAD or other design software used by engineers, architects and other professionals.

As easily understood, AutoCAD is a paid software and is also quite expensive (at least from the point of view of those who do not have to use it to work every day). However, do not worry, to view DWG files you can resort to alternative solutions that you can download for free from the Internet: all in a completely legal.

So, what do you think, do you want to know more? If your answer is affirmative, take five minutes of free time and continue reading: Below are some software to open DWG on Windows and MacOS that are waiting for nothing to be downloaded and tested. I bet you will be amazed by their potential and their extreme simplicity of use.

How to open DWG on Windows

If you have a Windows PC I strongly recommend using DWG TrueView, a free application made by the same manufacturer of AutoCAD that allows you to view files in DWG format without having to install expensive professional software.

To download DWG TrueView on your PC, connected to the program’s Internet site, select the 32-bit or 64-bit entry from the drop-down menu located in the middle of the page (depending on whether you are using a 32 or 64 bit operating system) and click on the Download DWG TrueView button.

When the download is complete open, by double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (eg DWGTrueView_2017_Enu_64bit_v2.sfx.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click the OK button. Wait until all the files necessary for the installation of TrueView are extracted and press Yes to start the actual setup of the program. If you are asked to restart your PC, accept.

At this point, click on the Install on this computer button that is in the window that opens, accept the conditions of use of the application by putting the check mark next to the entry I Accept and click first on Next and then on Install and Finish for finish the installation process of DWG TrueView (and all the software components necessary for its operation).

Now you are ready to view the files in DWG format. Then start DWG TrueView through its icon on the desktop and, in the window that opens, click on the folder icon located at the top left to select the DWG file to open. A few seconds of patience and your “mysterious document” will be displayed in all its glory. Happy?

How to open DWG on Mac

Do you use a Mac? Do not worry, you can open DWG files using the free eDrawings Viewer application that you can download directly from its official website by clicking on the item Download Free eDrawings Viewer for Mac.

Download is complete open, double-clicking on it, the dmg file you just downloaded and drag the eDrawings Viewer icon in the Applications folder of macOS. Next, right-click on the program’s icon and select the Open item from the menu that appears to start it.

At this point, accept the terms of use of eDrawings Viewer by clicking on Accept, press on Register later to access the screen to open projects and select the DWG file you want to view. Wait a few seconds and you will be shown the document.

How to open DWG Online

Do you want to open a DWG file without installing any software on your PC? You can do this too! Thanks to Autodesk’s A360 Viewer online service, you can click on a button and open DWG directly from your browser without using external software and without making recordings.

To test the potential of this excellent service, connected to its home page and click on the Upload your design button. Then drag the DWG file you want to display in the window of your browser, click on the No more files button and wait for the upload to finish.

A360 Autodesk Viewer is compatible with all major Web browsers and does not require special programs or plugins to work. You can use it even if you do not have Flash Player or Java installed on your PC.

How to open DWG on smartphones and tablets

In conclusion, I point out that you can view DWG files directly from your smartphone or tablet. How? Installing the free AutoCAD 360 application that is available for both Android and iPhone and iPad terminals.

The application can be downloaded and used at no cost, but its Pro features are only accessible for a 30-day trial period. Pro features include the ability to create new designs, support for large files, and more storage capacity.

To download AutoCAD 360 on your phone or tablet, open the Android or iOS store, search for the application and start the download by pressing the appropriate buttons.

When the operation is complete, start AutoCAD 360 and create a free account on the homonymous online platform by filling out the form that is proposed to you. Once logged in, press the OK button and select the DWG file to open.

To open a DWG file inside the app, use the (+) button at the bottom right and choose whether to upload a local document, a file from a cloud storage service (eg Dropbox) or create a new file (Pro function). Wait so that the project is loaded and you’re done!

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