Would you pay five to 30 dollars a month to access exclusive content published within Facebook groups? The social network has just announced the start of the experimentation that will allow the administrators of the groups to request a monthly subscription, to become part of subgroups with exclusive posts, videos and tutorials.

For the testing phase, some groups have been selected that deal with cooking, home management and parenting. Among the first to experience this new function, there is the group that deals with the management of the Declutter My Home – created by blogger Sarah Mueller and which today has over 40 thousand members – who will give the opportunity to access the Organize My Home subgroup who will pay $15 a month.

On the other hand, the option chosen by the group dedicated to parents Grown and Flown Parents (80,000 members) was more expensive, creating a section dedicated to advice, suggestions and advice for admission to colleges which will cost 30 dollars a month. Those who want to continue to participate in groups only for free, can still see a preview of the premium content available to subscribers.

In this way, administering a large group could turn into a real profession; with the possibility – as pointed out by Facebook – to reinvest the proceeds to create high-quality content or organize live events. For the time being, the social network will not pick up any percentage from the subscriptions; but if in the future (as probable) it should change its mind, Facebook would finally have found a way to monetize an instrument used by over a billion users.


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