Is it important to have a website for SMEs – Everything you need to know about

Having a website, but also a simple page on Facebook, allows small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to have an online point of contact with their customers. Very often companies do not create a website because of the high management costs and prefer to open a simple Facebook page. By itself creating an official company page on Facebook is not wrong, but not having a website is really harmful. Primarily for the company’s positioning on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

In fact, having only one Facebook page does not allow the company to position itself on search engines, while one of the most strategic rating factors is to have a website. For the local SEO or the organic positioning strategy for a specific geographic area, the company’s website is essential. Small and medium-sized businesses that may have a limited budget to promote their online activities can also start with a minimum budget it is not much costly.

Why it is important to have a Facebook page for an SME

An official page of the company on Facebook is essential especially for micro-business and to have the first approach with customers. For customers it is also the easiest way to get in touch directly with the small and medium business: an email may seem anonymous, while the Facebook chat makes everything more immediate. But as mentioned above, the Facebook page has many difficulties in positioning itself on search engines and without an Internet site for the company it is virtually impossible to be found by potential new customers.

Why it is important to have a website for the SME

There are three main reasons for a company to create a website: positioning on search engines, engagement of new customers and reputation of the company.

Let’s start from the first one. Without good search engine rankings it is impossible for users to find the company when they do a certain search on Google or Bing. In particular, for small and medium-sized enterprises it is necessary to invest on Local SEO, or on the optimization of the website for a specific geographical area. In this way, when a user performs a search such as “best hairdresser in New Delhi”, he will find your company in the top positions and will be able to discover the treatments offered through the website. According to a research conducted by Moz, an online platform specialized in SEO strategies, the main factors of positioning for a company are all linked to the Internet site. Therefore, not having a website makes it impossible for the company to get new customers.

Users do not consider small and medium businesses secure that do not have a website. For the reputation of a company, even of very small size, the website is essential. It allows to show off its products and services and at the same time to establish a relationship of trust with the future customer.

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