PES 2019 has been officially presented. PES 2019 release date? When does it come out? What will be the PES 2019 licenses? Which teams will be included in PES 2019? What’s new for PES 2019? Here’s everything you need to know

PES 2019 Official: news, trailer and release date

Konami has finally shown its PES 2019, new chapter in the Pro Evolution Soccer saga that will be available at the end of August on the market.

The 2019 edition of the company’s football simulator will offer a series of very interesting innovations, including a completely renewed MyClub mode and a gameplay that aims to reproduce with extreme realism the most spectacular moments this sport is capable of.

Are you ready to go on the ground again?

Konami announced officially and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, complete with release date and first trailer. Here’s everything we know about the game.

PES output 2019

Let’s start with the most interesting information on PES 2019: when will it come out?

The football simulation of Konami will debut on August 30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while it will miss the appointment with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

The arrival on Nintendo Switch instead could not be excluded a priori. However, at the time it has not been confirmed.

PES 2019 trailer

Here is the trailer announcing the arrival of the game:

PES 2019 news

Now let’s move on to the main news and the most interesting changes that we will find in PES 2019.

PES 2019 will offer:

  • the new Visible Fatigue indicator will affect the performance and behavior of the player, going hand in hand with a renewed mechanics of shots that will be influenced by the new engine that will simulate the physics of the ball, from the position of the ball and the angle of shot of the player
  • a larger number of official licenses for championships, stadiums and club teams
  • the presence of a series of new Legends that will be announced soon
  • Philippe Coutinho, the champion of FC Barcelona and ambassador of the game, will be the player to appear on the cover of PES 2019
  • a special version that will celebrate one of the greatest champions of all time in English football: David Beckham
  • possibility to develop and evolve your own style of play thanks to the introduction of a series of new skills that will allow you to better reproduce all the Magic Moments that occur in the game rectangle, where PES 2019 will show unparalleled gameplay
  • the Global Illumination function and HDR technology support will offer an even more advanced rendering of lights and shadows in real time, which will contribute to make the game frame even more realistic thanks to some improvements in the realization of grass surfaces.
  • possibility to play games during the snowfalls
  • 4K resolution on PS4 Pro, PC and Xbox One X

PES 2019 editions, versions and prices

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be available in Standard, Legend and David Beckham editions.

Let’s see the contents of the three versions:

PES 2019 Standard Edition (59.99 dollars)

Available in physical or digital version, this edition includes a Premium Agent for ten weeks, Philippe Coutinho and David Beckham on loan, three contract renewals for ten weeks. Performing the pre-order of the Digital Edition you will get a Brazilian loan legend, a theme and 1,000 MyClub tokens.

PES 2019 David Beckham Edition (69.99 dollars)

Available in digital or physical edition, this edition includes three contract renewals for twenty weeks, David Beckham 2018 and Coutinho on loan without time constraints and a Premium Agent for twenty weeks. By pre-ordering in digital format we will get the official theme, 1,000 MyClub tokens and a Brazilian football legend on loan.

PES 2019 Legend Edition (79.99 dollars)

Sold exclusively in digital format, it includes a PES Legend player, three contract renewals for thirty weeks, a Premium Agent for thirty weeks, Beckham 2018 and Philippe Coutinho on a permanent loan. With the preorder we will get the theme, a Brazilian legend on loan and 1,000 MyClub tokens.

PES 2019 licenses

As we know, PES 2019 has lost the Champions League license.

But this could lead the game to have many more licenses for official teams. However, we await more details and information about it.


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