How to take Screenshot on Android 9 Pie

Guide to take screenshots on all smartphones with Android 9 Pie. Let’s see how to capture your smartphone screen in Android 9 Pie. Save screenshots on Android 9 Pie

Screenshot On Android 9 Pie

How to take screenshots on Android 9 Pie? Here is the complete guide, which will allow you to capture screens quickly and easily.

Have you already updated your smartphone to Android 9 Pie? Are you about to buy an already updated device for Android 9 Pie?

If you need to capture the screens of your device, maybe you need a guide that explains how to capture screenshots on all devices updated to Android 9 Pie.

Reaching your goal on this new operating system is really very simple. Indeed the screen capture and method make a screenshot on Android 9 Pie has been simplified even more than ever before.

But let’s see how to do it.

How to take a screenshot on Android 9 Pie and where are the images saved?

Before proceeding, go to the screen you want to capture or save.

At this point, to capture the screen on Android 9 Pie,  you have 2 methods available.


As you’ve always done, even on Android 9 Pie you have to press and hold down the Volume Down + Power key simultaneously until you hear a click sound.

Here: you made a screenshot on your smartphone with Android 9 Pie.

After capturing the screen, a notification will appear in the drop-down menu allowing you to access the image you have captured.

The image will also be accessible in the smartphone Gallery : by clicking on it you can share it via email, or send it to WhatsApp or other instant messaging programs in a few clicks.


As anticipated, with Android 9 Pie also comes a new way to take screenshots.

Just hold down the power button and a menu with various items will appear.

Among the many, click on SCREENSHOT to reach your goal.

Here it is: making screenshots on Android 9 Pie is very easy, right?

How to edit and edit screenshots on Android 9 Pie

In both cases, after capturing the screen, you can quickly edit or share it on the main social networks and messaging apps on the fly.

As you can see, now compared to the past you have many more options to change the screen you just captured.

You can:

  • make a crop of the image
  • write on the photo by hand or highlight parts of it
  • change the color of the pen/highlighter with which you write on the screenshot
  • cancel and redo the changes easily

In short, with Android 9 Pie come many useful features to better manage your screenshots!

In general, the procedure does not change compared to other versions of Android, the steps are more or less always the same to follow. In addition, however, we now have an even more convenient and quick function and all the new menu for editing the captured screens.

Which of the two methods do you prefer to capture screens on Android 9 Pie? Let us know via comments.

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