Photo retouching and image Editing software for PC

Best and free programs for retouching and edit images on your computer, each for every task you want to perform on your photos

To edit the images on the PC most of us think that it is sufficient to install Photoshop or one of the many alternatives and put hands on the tools available within these photo-retouching programs to get the desired result immediately.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case: these programs need to know how to use them otherwise we will not get (in short time) what we want, if not after having read in depth some tutorials or some official guide to the program.

But we must not despair: in this guide we will point out the best free programs for photo retouching and editing of images by performing some specific operations, so as not to have to play with programs too difficult.

So a few clicks will be enough to modify the image or the photo chosen on Windows.

The programs that we recommend in this guide can replace the most famous photo-retouching programs in many of their functionalities: each program performs a specific task, so we can install it only in case of need or if we have had difficulty with professional programs.

Being free we do not have to pay even a single buck to use them, the ideal if we work often with images from home PCs and we can not afford Photoshop (whose license can cost up to more than 1000$).

1) Resize or crop photos

The best program we can use to resize and crop photos on Windows is definitely FastStone Photo Resizer, available for free download from here ->FastStone Photo Resizer.

With this program you can reduce the size of a photo and crop it without losing the original quality of the shot, so you can reuse it on social networks or on the site without problems.
The program offers several tools with which to edit images but specializes in resizing and cropping photos even in groups (more photos at a time).

2) Compress the images

If the images in our possession are too large to be sent by email or to be transferred by any other method you can compress the image without losing too much quality using the free RIOT program, downloadable here -> RIOT.

It will be sufficient to load the photo or the photos to be compressed and apply the special algorithm of the program, which allows to reduce the size of the image files up to 80% maintaining a good quality for printing and the proportions of the photos.

3) Eliminating red eye on the photos

We took many photos with people at the center of the shot and the inevitable red eyes appeared?

We can easily remove them using the free S10 RedEyes tool, available for download from here -> S10 RedEyes.

Uploading the photos with red eyes inside the program we will get the necessary tool to quickly change the eyes in the picture so as to appear black, thus masking the red eye effect.

4) Enlarge images

If we want to enlarge the images or a part of them minimizing the inevitable pixel effect with large magnifications we can use the free SmillaEnlarger program , available here -> SmillaEnlarger.

With this small program we can enlarge a photo at the resolution or with the desired zoom losing very little detail or enlarge only a part of the photo, eliminating if possible the pixel effect due to enlargement.

5) Optimize the perspective

Our photos were taken from a rather uncomfortable position that spoiled the perception of proportions and perspective?
We can correct the perspective lines with a free program like ShiftN, downloadable from here -> ShiftN.

We have to do is upload the photo with the wrong perspective and let the program work, which thanks to a special algorithm will be able to “straighten” the lines of the photo and optimize the perspective, so as to obtain more realistic photos.

6) Combining images

If we intend to merge two images into one or bring a subject or object from one image to another we can rely on the MERGE program, available for download from here -> MERGE.

Once installed the program load the photos that we intend to merge or from where we want to pick the elements and use the keys and menus offered by the program to effectively combine the photos or elements, so as to achieve really realistic photo-retouching.

7) Switch to black and white or highlight colors

If we have some photos that we want to turn into black and white or black and white photos in which we want to enhance some color detail we can use the Tintii program, available for download from here -> Tintii.

The program will provide everything you need to control the color levels for the photo or a specific area, so you can apply the black and white effect to the whole image or just a part of it, creating really spectacular photos.

8) Remove background to a subject

You want to recover only one subject from the photo immediately removing all the background that surrounds it?

For this type of modification we can use the InstantMask program, available for download from here -> InstantMask.

We will have to do is upload the photo from which we want to take the subject, use the selection tools offered by the program and proceed to delete the background, so you can reuse it in another photo or make a new one.

9) To refocus an image

If we made a shot in a hurry and we were wrong to apply the fire, getting a blurred photo or move, we can try to solve with a free program like SmartDeblur, available for download from here -> SmartDeblur.

As soon as the program is installed on our PC, we load the blurred or blurry image inside the SmartDeblur and watch the filters act on the image to improve the contrast and brightness, so as to correct (where possible) any errors in focusing.

Obviously the application does not do miracles, but still allows you to get a better result than the initial picture.

10) Create GIF starting from two images

If we want to have fun by creating an animated GIF containing the transition between two different images (for example two faces) we can use the free FotoMorph program, free download from here -> FotoMorph.

Load the two images to be transformed and use the integrated tools to take the face or the subject from the two photos and merge them into one animation, so you can create funny GIFs.

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