Wanna learn to play the guitar? A fascinating but also very expensive mission: between courses and the cost of this musical instrument, if you are not really convinced of embarking on this hobby you could end up with a red bank account. And that’s why our advice is to turn to the digital world: with the appropriate software, you can play with the guitar without spending a single penny. So let’s see what are the best 4 free software to learn how to play guitar with Windows 10.

But first I wanted to remind you that we have already discussed the following topics:

And now let’s move on to software for Windows 10.

Advanced FretPro

Advanced FretPro is the first software in our list of free programs to learn how to play guitar with Windows 10. Thanks to this program, you can count on an amazing collection of over 1000 models and ladders to learn. And you can also try your hand at games and riddles to recognize the different chords.

In addition, this program provides you with a multitude of very useful customization options, such as string selection, selection of notes and scales, and even the ability to select a particular type of string or ladder. Finally, you can test what you have learned by practicing in the appropriate section, with a series of multiple choice quizzes. Really a great software for learning how to play the guitar.

Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords is another program that will teach you how to recognize chords and notes that are essential for learning to play guitar. Its structure is very simple: in fact, it is a sort of collector that houses all the different types of agreement and their positions. Moreover, this software also allows you to save and subsequently print the different types of agreements on your computer. Regarding the number of agreements, here you will find the most common and also some rarer, simply by clicking on the menu item “Other agreements”. Finally, to underline the presence of a useful online guide to explain how the program works and how to use it to the fullest.

Crazystrum Lite

Crazystrum Lite is another free software to learn how to play the guitar and its chords. This is a very spartan program that presents, among other things, a fairly limited number of options: the reason is due to the fact that the Lite version represents only the free version of paid software. However, it proves to be very useful to learn how to use the guitar: just click on the string library to see the complete list of chords and the respective positions of the fingers. Even here you can add new agreements or update those already included in the software, or delete those that you do not like. Finally, you can also play with the songs, modifying them or creating new ones. Unfortunately, the number of default agreements is very tight.

Guitar Note Practice

We close our article on the best 4 free programs to learn how to play guitar on Windows 10 with Guitar Note Practice: a very useful software both to learn chords and to test your skills in reading musical notes. Here you will find 3 different options, each of which will help you learn the time, notes and other key aspects that you will have to learn to master to play the guitar well.


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