Fortnite is a famous Battle Royale shooting game, that is, all against all where the last survivor is the winner. The game has versions for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Thus, like other titles of the genre, it is necessary to master a series of strategies to stay alive for longer. Want to know how to play Fortnite and get it right? See, next.

How to play Fortnite and get better in Battle Royale

1. Do not waste time and guarantee your loot

Your first mission in the game is to get weapons, shields and items for your survival, and fast! There are 100 players at the same time, on the same map also doing everything to stay alive. The time to get resources is crucial and will play against if you take too long.

In principle, do not choose, just team what to find in an emergency. You will have the chance (or not) to get something better in other places or even downed enemies.

The easiest way to get equipment and fast is by jumping off the bus at the first opportunity. Fall at top speed and land in the first place with buildings and other buildings you see. Just be careful, as probably others may have the same idea.

If you follow an order, the first thing you need to do is find a weapon (either one!). Then go after a shield and healing items. Of course your focus is on weapons with special colors (green, purple, blue or gold), but just trade them. Never stop picking up a weaker weapon thinking that you will find some of those colored from nowhere. Maybe you will not survive long enough for that.

2. Running away from “hotspots” can be a good

Landing on construction sites is great for getting faster equipment, but as stated before, several other players think the same. The result is some getting together faster and already eliminating the stragglers.

If you do not want to fall into the eye of the hurricane immediately and risk being shot at the start of the game, consider jumping off the bus a little later and landing near the edge of the map. The loot will be smaller, but at least you’ll have more time to map the place before all the shaking begins.


3. Try to land on rooftops

Whenever you try to land on rooftops. Some buildings and houses have guns there or you can find them in chests hidden underneath the tiles (does not make much sense, but abstract that part). Use your pick to “mine” the roof.

After collecting what you can from the top, make way for the others to walk to the ground floor (in the case of a building). Never forget to take a quick peek before entering a room so you will not be surprised.

If it is already on the ground, it is always possible to get on the roof again (or for the first time). Just build a ramp and climb. Roofs are interesting sources of weapons. Keep an eye!

4. Move Always!

Keep in mind the following: A constantly moving target is much harder to hit than one in place. Even if you are reloading your weapon, healing yourself or thinking of what to do, never stop moving.

It is no exaggeration to say that five seconds stopped can result in your death. You never know where a sniper’s shot might come from, for example. Jumping while you’re in a shooting can help you survive longer as well.

Always watch your back and, if you go somewhere in search of resources, be aware of windows, doors or any other place where it can be found by opponents (and shot down).


5. Build to survive

One of the unique aspects of Fortnite is the possibility of construction. And this is something very important to consider, especially more towards the end of the match. You need to learn how to build and well (look for more distant places to practice).

But before you go out creating ramps, walls and small fortresses, you need to get raw material. Use your pick and go behind stacks of wood, close to buildings, or on trees (try to get bigger ones). You will also need stones and metals, these you can mine in large vehicles, for example.

Building is important not only to reach higher places, but to help you survive near the end of the game. As the area of ​​the map gets smaller, whoever is on the ground is an easier target. Build to go as high as possible and protect yourself with walls against the shots.

6. If possible, play with friends

Playing Fortnite alone, especially for the first time, is inhuman. There is a very high possibility that you will be quickly beaten by more experienced players who know the map and the game’s best.

Therefore, whenever possible, play with a friend who knows more about the game (in double or in squad mode). In these two ways, you are not killed right away, as if you were solo, but you are knocked over – giving a friend time to revive him.

You can also play in random squads. Just select the teams auto-fill high option. This will put you to play alongside three strangers. Chances are they will leave you behind but at least you have the chance to survive a little longer.


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