How to use Twitter [5 tips for beginners]

Arriving now on the microblogging? It is important to know how to use Twitter in the best way to have a popular profile on the social network and/or stay inside everything that happens. Once you create your account on the site, check out these five tips that we have separated so that you can extract the best from the platform and have a successful profile.

How to use Twitter [5 tips for beginners]
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How to use Twitter
[5 tips for Beginners]

It’s not enough just to create a profile and get out tweeting, you need to understand your tools to get more engagement and visibility. Here are a few tips that will greatly improve your experience with the popular microblogging website.

First of all, Twitter in the past limited posts to 140 characters. However, this has changed to the abode: 280 characters, allowing you to create slightly larger posts.

That said, come on.

1. Use lists

You can create lists of profiles and separate them by topics of interest, such as news, varieties, friends, work team, and so on. This way you can centralize group posts in one place.

  1. Open the Twitter app, tap your avatar and then “Lists”;
  2. Tap the create list button in the lower right corner of the screen;
  3. Define a name and description for the list;
  4. [Optional] Check the “Private” box if you want the list to be only available to you and not appear on the search engine;
  5. Tap “Save”;
  6. Enter the profiles you want to include in the list and touch the three dots;
  7. Tap “Add user to list” and then from the list you created;
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for as many profiles as you want.

You can create as many lists as you want, as well as access public lists from other users.

2. Use of hashtags

Tweets with hashtags serve not only to mark similar content but are also a great way to give visibility to your tweets. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on Trends (the famous Trending Topics) in the Explore area.

You can choose to display results worldwide or just from your country, so touch the gear, “Location of subjects” and choose the region to follow trends.

Compose posts according to the subject of the hashtags that are bombing and avoid being a “ride”: for example, talk about refrigerators and use the hashtag #refrigerator.

3. Save tweets to read later

In the past, to save tweets and read them later you needed to tweak them, then view them in the Favorites column. Today, you can simply save a message and access it later, so the other user does not even know (which is good for privacy); this saves you time when looking for a specific message.

  1. Open a tweet and touch Share
    (the fourth icon from left to right);
  2. Tap “Save Tweet”;
  3. To access saved tweets, touch your avatar and then “Saved items.”

To remove a saved tweet:

  1. Access your saved tweets;
  2. Open the tweet and tap Share;
  3. Touch “Remove from Favorites” ( iPhone )
    or “Remove Tweet from Saved Items” ( Android ).

4. Use Search Wisely

Twitter’s search engine may not be as powerful as Google’s, but it works in a similar way. For more accurate or broader results about what you want to find, know how to use keywords. Also look into the hot topics (again, look at the hashtags), which will appear in greater numbers.

You can also find a specific tweet by providing the user name and subject you believe he mentioned, which greatly reduces the results and makes your life easier; Likewise, you can even find profiles if you know exactly the username or display name, since one links to the other.

Lastly, use Twitter’s advanced search for accurate results and old tweets.

5. How do verified accounts work?

This is a not accessible step for everyone, but important for anyone who wants to use Twitter with the best tools available. With a verified account, given to users that Twitter recognizes as authentic, you can limit notifications of mentions and RTs that only received those who also have the blue badge, prevent profiles with the default avatar follow him, in addition to using monitoring tools.

The verification is reserved for accounts of public figures, companies, websites, journalists, authorities, influencers and etc., who can ask Twitter for verification. However, the process has been suspended since 2017 and only a few have received the blue seal; in this case, please contact them for more information.

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