Tips to play with Katarina in League Of Legends [counter and build]

Katarina is a killer champion with high burst power in LoL (League of Legends)That is, it has the ability to eliminate enemies quickly. However, it takes a bit of care to get into team fights and use the skills. Check out some tips on how to play with Katarina in LoL, which are her counters and the recommended build.

How to play with Katarina in LoL [counter and build]

How to play from Katarina on LoL

Katarina is a high mobility character because of her skill kit. But still, it is important to pay attention to the orders to do each thing so as not to waste resources and run out of gear when you need to escape.

Katarina’s passive causes her to deal damage in area by picking up a dagger, it is from this ability that the plays for her must be created:

  1. Use Q (Bouncing Blade) to farm the minions. The dagger has always fallen on the opposite side of the enemy, trying to use it to create moves, is the main way to amplify the damage done;katarina-dagger
  2. If a dagger is on the ground near the enemy, this is where you should take the chance: use E (Shunpo) to jump on the dagger and get hurt.
  3. Immediately throw the W (Preparation) in the same place, so another dagger will fall to the ground, repeating the damage.
  4. Remember that when Katarina picks up a dagger, E (Shunpo)’s recoat time is reset, this allows you to jump up to the enemy again if necessary or get out of the fight.

At level 6, if the damage of the previous abilities is not sufficient to eliminate the enemy, Katarina can use the ultimate (R) to finish the target.

Important: Know the range of the ultimate before attempting to use it on the enemy, if you were able to execute the above combo, you will still have one more advance of the Shunpo to approach the target and use the ultimate.

Flash and Fire are two combinations that work well with Katarina. Flash allows you to jump up to a dagger, if the Shunpo is in recharge time, Fire already magnifies the damage done, eliminating the target faster.

How to play against Katarina in LoL (counter)

Katarina is strong and grows in the game as she picks up many killings. The team should pay attention if it tries to appear on other lanes, avoiding dying for the character and the hunter should help the middle route champion punish her.

Prefer champions with group control and save it for when she tries to use the ultimate. When using a group control such as stunning, silencing or scare in Katarina during the ultimate, her ability will be canceled.


Fiddlesticks is a counter of Katarina, with two abilities to cancel her ultimate

Katarina is not good at farmar under the towers: always try to push the lane and have minions to the advantage. This prevents her from advancing on both routes as well as you (but beware of the enemy hunter).

Items such as Zhonya Hourglass or Guardian Angel help. The first can deny Katarina’s ultimate damage if used at the right time, and the second will cause you to be reborn if she eliminates you.

What items are good for Katarina (build)

Katarina’s build may vary as Riot Games updates League of Legends items during seasons or any adjustments. It is always good to think about the items you will use according to the enemy team, here are some that usually work:

  1. Hextec Laminar Pistol: Since Katarina has no group control, the Hextec Pistol will reduce the speed of movement of an enemy champion if used on it. This item can be used for both an advance and an escape;
  2. Morellonomicon: In addition to securing a bit of magical penetration, it applies painful wounds, cutting off part of the target’s life regeneration, if it uses any skill or spell or someone tries to heal it.
  3. Rabadon’s Death Hood: Rabadon’s Death Hood is Katarina’s power peak. With it, the damage done will be much greater.
  4. Zhonya’s Hourglass: Katarina needs to jump in the middle of enemies to deal damage. Zhonya’s Hourglass can give her some time for the team to approach or for her abilities to come back in time for her to get out before being eliminated.

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